I’m starting to wonder what the heck is going on – Cutler put up solid numbers in Denver last year and Orton was mediocre at best. Switch the guys around and the numbers reverse. One QB looks like an over-achiever, the other is a very talented guy who seems to make mistakes. So what gives? Normally I don’t like to blame coaching, unless it is totally incompetence like we saw with Johnny Baker. Take the Titans – they are the laughingstocks of the NFL but I’m not blaming Fisher as much as I am the team (which doesn’t seem to care too much) and a tight-fisted owner.

But in this instance I have to wonder if Ron Turner is way out of his league. And what the heck are the Bears doing staying with Orlando Pace at left tackle after four games? This guy is clearly nearing retirement age, he holds all the time and he gets confused by cadence.

The Bears are still in the hunt only two losses behind Brett Favre and the Vikings. So all is not lost, despite injuries in the linebacker corps this team still has a chance. We just need smarter and better production from the offense.

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