Pretty dry week for baseball. I suppose that will be the case now for the next month or two. So I’ll have to find another way to amuse myself, particularly while writing this column. So I’ve got a game for you.

You need to figure out the wording that goes with the numbers.
Example: 12 M in a Y (you have to figure out what the M stands for and what the Y stands for).
Answer: 12 months in a year

So here’s some for you. They are all sports related. More or less. Not all baseball related. You can google the answers but then please don’t post. I’ll update every now and then as people guess.

  • 100 Y to a T D
  • 18 H on a G C
  • 9 B P in the L U
  • 15 M in a F Q
  • 6 P on a P T (hint: “sports” related might be pushing it on this one)
  • 15 F from the F T L to the B
  • 25 P on the A R
  • 3 S Y O at the O B G

Good luck!


  • I took a whole lot of pleasure watching the Cardinals get booted in front of their home crowd.
  • Interesting to wonder how the NL Central rearranges if St. Louis loses the best manager and the best pitching coach in baseball today, and even moreso if the duo goes to a Central competitor.
  • Now we get on with showering as well as taking a look at news and notes I found.
  • Nonperformance will not be rewarded.


  • I mean, he’s no Doc Raker, but he’s not too shabby…

Have a great weekend! :-)

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