Found a Cubs daily calendar on the desk where I’m currently sitting and it has some fun facts and trivia questions so I’ll share while I wait for the Colts game tonight. I don’t care if you Google the answers but if you do please don’t spoil it for others who may want to guess.

  1. Who was the Hall of Fame pitcher who said, upon being acquired by the Cubs, “I aint what I used to be, but who the hell is?” (Hint: NOT recent. In fact only a few of you would have been born when this happened. Maybe none of you.)
  2. In what year and against what team did Greg Maddux throw his first major league shutout? (Hint: We were all born by then. :-) )
  3. Who is the only player to ever be named MVP of the All-Star game while wearing a Cubs uniform? (Some of you were born and some of you weren’t. I was.)
  4. Three Cubs pitchers share the franchise record for games appeared in a season (84). Who are they?
  5. The Cubs franchise record for consecutive strikeouts by a pitcher is eight. Which two pitchers have done this in the 21st century? (We were all born for this one!)

Good luck!

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