Today’s Chicago Tribune has an article in it that seems to indicate that Dusty is on the chopping block in Cincinnati. Should this surprise us? Do bears go poop in the woods?

Dusty’s career has been spiraling downwards since 2002. Most of us who follow the Cubs have witnessed his lack of management ability firsthand, he seems like a nice guy, the kind of guy you’d invite into your home for a party. Granted, he has some unusual opinions, he seems to feel that guys of Swiss ancestry such as myself are not as naturally predisposed to southern climates as are those of African or Latino ancestry. While this may explain the color of one’s skin it doesn’t naturally explain the differences in athletic performance. But Dusty seemed to think it did and the rest is history.

It comes as no surprise to me that Jocketty might be slightly disappointed in Dusty. Walt is used to very good management with Larussa and Duncan and that is not what he has in Cincy; since he took over the Reds I’ve felt that Dusty would be on a very short leash. Now it appears as though management changes might happen – some think that Larussa and Duncan might end up migrating to Cincinnati. Should I be surprised?

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