I’m so far removed from this Cubs season already I almost forgot to write a GirlieView this week! Say it isn’t so!!!

Some exciting things happened this week!

  1. MLB approved the Ricketts purchase.
  2. St. Louis is one game away from being in the same post season situation as the Cubs were last year.
  3. I received an offline suggestion for the name of the “best of the week” Lizzie … the Lizard! And as soon as I heard it, I knew that was it! Honorable mention to Seymour’s Spam suggestion … “a solid American product with a decent sized smirk factor” but sadly with a bad rap ever since it came to mean junk mail.

Weekly Lizzies

  • Ted Lilly is so much more the pitcher than Z will ever be
  • Jennie Finch will be our new closer. She’s likely to have more strikeouts than Gregg and Marmol combined.
  • I just heard that Mr. Drummond bought the team from the Ricketts family.
  • I hope Mrs. Garrett gets put in charge of consessions.
  • Alfonso is going to have to be on a very short leash in 2010.

This Week’s Lizard: It’s over

Have a nice weekend everyone! :-)

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