Well let’s see, what’s news this week. Chicago was the first city eliminated from 2016 host city Olympic competition … very disappointing to me but I’ll get over it. Kind of like the Cubs this season.

Assignment of the Week: Please leave your feedback on Joe’s site announcement about potential off-season topics here on VFTB. Particularly since I’m about to post over him. (Sorry Joe!!)

Question of the Week: If the Cubs could pursue one player and one player only in the off season, who should it be? Or, if you don’t have a specific player you’d like, what position should the Cubs aim to fill if they’re only able to get one player.

Lizzies: I still can’t come up with something that I like for the weekly winner so if you have any further suggestions on that let me know. Lollipop is too phallic and Cadillac is not my kind of vehicle. No offense to any Cadillac owners in the group, nor to fans of lollipops. Keep thinking! Meantime, here we go!

  • Making the GirlieView list just once is at the top of my wish list.
  • The only time I want to see Soriano near second base is after a double or a stolen base.
  • classic
  • I hate when the off season starts before October.
  • I think I can convince the wife, if I include some time in Napa.
  • I said “A triple? Have you seen me run?” He says, “Apparently not yet.”
  • Best of the Week (honestly laughed out loud): Sherm, Where do you stand on Terrelle and Mike’s discusion between Bradley and Adam Dunn? Adam Dunn played for the Red’s for a few years and now plays for the Washington Nationals, just in case you are not familar with him.

Have a great weekend everyone! :-)

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