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GirlieView (09/18/2009)

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Question of the Week

Joe and I must have both had the same flavor of pop tarts for breakfast this morning because he posted the question that I was going to ask. You know, the one about whether you like it better this way or would prefer going down to the wire but still not getting into the playoffs. So instead, I’ll ask that you chime in with your favorite flavor of pop tarts! Brown Sugar Cinnamon for me, and now they have a “high fiber” variety. We’re not as young as we used to be you know!

Have a great weekend everyone. Should be interesting here in Chesterton, Indiana … Wizard of Oz Festival this weekend in case anyone likes to follow the Yellow Brick Road. :-)


  • My mom had Cadillacs in both eyes, vision at about 20/100, after Cadillac surgery she was 20/20.
  • I’m 100% sure this entire conversation is totally stupid.
  • Paul Sullivan couldn’t hold my “mailbag”, but thanks for thinking of me.
  • I’ll bet Sullivan drives a Cadillac.
  • Rule number one: Don’t alienate your readers.
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Cup O’Joe – 9/18

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Trivia Question of the Day

Q: Since 1990, twelve pitchers in MLB have had 20 win seasons that included 200+ K’s. Can you name them? (Remember, no Google searches)

Discussion Question of the Day

Q: It appears that the Cubs have been out of it for the last week or two, but many have continued to hold out hope. Would you rather have the team come down to the wire and NOT make the playoffs OR have them out by the end of the August?

I’d rather see the latter so I can focus on football, but that’s just me. What about you? How many games have you watched this month?

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More of the same

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Another Cubs game has passed. On Tuesday I’m about to fly to San Francisco, we’re going to see the Cubs and Giants on Thursday and Friday nights. Joe has done a great job of spicing up this site with some awesome trivia, man do I like a positive attitude! And that is Joe Aiello – despite some issues with the ballclub he’s testing my mind with some good trivia. Thanks pal!

This has not been an easy season insofar as watching Cubs baseball – I look forward to watching each Cub game like I do an upcoming sigmoidoscope examination. Milton Bradley at bats – will he do something stupid or will Cub fans boo him? Why won’t Piniella play Jake Fox now that Soriano is done? Why is Bobby Scales playing in LF, are they trying to develop his homerun power?

More important to me are decisions regarding Baker/Fontenot, Soto vs. some other catcher to be determined, will D Lee be extended, will Reid Johnson be back next year (methinks not,) will Micah be 25 manned or exposed to the draft and will Harden be brought back (IMO we should save money here and go with Gorzelanny.)

Paul Sullivan posted on the Cubs’ theatre of the macabre in today’s Tribune. Despite a very mediocre season the Cubs had some fun and toasted their rookies. I’m not opposed to this because there has to be some levity in a poor season. My suggestion to the Cubs’ brass and team is simple – look at the prospects the rest of the season. Look for issues to address in the off-season and address them. I’m confident that Hendry has the skills to do that and I’m confident that the new ownership team has his back.

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Great Contact Hitters Since 1990

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Ok, my last trivia question lasted all of about an hour. Here’s a tougher one for you.

Q: Since 1990, ten Cubs who qualified for the batting title have had 50 or less strikeouts in a season. Name them.

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Afternoon Cubs Trivia

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Since 2000 (including 2009), the Cubs have seen a player that qualifies for the batting title hit at least .300 on 10 occasions. Can you name the players?

Hint: It’s been done by a total of five players.

Answer will be revealed as they’re guessed in the comment section.

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