I hate to gloat and say that I told you so, but feel free to go back to my original post on this site — and then come back. It’s okay. I’ll wait. It’s titled “Milkit Badly” and you’ll find it in the archives. Dated February 7, 2009. Go on.


{{{tapping feet}}}

Oh, good. You’re back. Can I get some of you Milton apologists to admit that this guy was a bad signing? That he had an absolutely crappy year? That, regardless of sample size, BABIP, Nationalized Health Care, or OBP — he didn’t get it done.

For the record, Mark DeRosa has 72 rbi’s — anyone else remember when I asked who would end up the year with more, DeRosa or Milky? I do. I took DeRosa. It’s unlikely that Milkit will catch him now…since HE’S DONE. He did get to forty, however. 40.

He’s an ingrate and a malcontent — and just like certain stats can predict baseball productivity; personality and character also have long term patterns…and this clubhouse cancer is a problem that needs to go. And now we hear from the teammates, too, that they are tired of the guy’s act.

Don’t go away mad, Milton. Just go away.

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