This reminded me of Sherm, so it must be him.

Q. Like I said earlier this year: What is Hendry thinking about when signing Bradley? He paid this nut what? Neither can field for beans, but Adam Dunn has 34 homers and Bradley has given us at least 34 headaches! Could be the worst signing in Cubs history? Milan, Lilly Lake, Wis.

Answer: Hey, it’s only $30 million, or $10 million more than Dunn got for two-years, and  $25 more than Bobby Abreu got for one-year. Considering the number of available free agent outfielders who wanted to play for the Cubs, including Raul Ibanez, not to mention the option of keeping Mark DeRosa and sticking him in right field full-time, it will assuredly likely go down as one of the worst signings in Cubs history. But he still has two years to redeem himself, if the Cubs can’t trade him without eating most of the rest of his contract. – (source)

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