The Cubs have won eight of their last ten, they’re playing good ball. Tonight’s game was yet another in which the team looked like we expected them to look. So what’s happening and what ain’t?

Lee has really won me over, I felt at the beginning of the season as though he still had a couple of good years left and that the time was right to trade him for value. Now I’m not so sure, perhaps he’s a keeper (despite the fact that he’s getting older.) Is now the right time to trade him to a team that needs a quality first baseman? Probably true…but will it help the team? I doubt that. IMO a two year extension for D Lee is the way to go.

People say all kinds of disparaging things about Theriot but I think he’s the best SS we’ve had since Dunston (all things considered.) Is this an area that needs to be considered in the offseason? I doubt it. I’d rather see something done about Soriano or Bradley. Fukudome isn’t a problem but he’s not a solution either, I remember how thrilled I was when we signed him – Kosuke hasn’t put up numbers that his salary warrants. He’s been adequate but not outstanding.

So I really hope that guys step it up in the outfield, it’s perplexing to me as to why Piniella is not giving Hoffpaiur and Fox more chances to play in the outfield. These guys are on the bubble as was Casey McGehee last year…

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