In case you haven’t noticed, and I wouldn’t blame you if you haven’t, I have not contributed much meaningful content of late. I wanted to take a minute and share with you my thoughts on the current state of the team as we head down the stretch. Consider it a State of the Fandom address covering a few toics.

Playoff Chances – I think Jim Mora said it best when asked about the Colts chances of making the playoffs awhile back. He was genuinely surprised at the question and I feel the same when people bring up the idea that this team is still in the hunt. I understand that the numbers for the wild card race and the remaining schedule say we have a chance, but if you throw that stuff out and just use your eyes and common sense, you can’t possibly rationalize a situation in which this team makes the post-season. All that being said, I still find myself holding out hope, albeit a small amount, that somehow this team flips the switch and gets the job done down the stretch. Thankfully, I’m not holding my breath or you might really see a lack of posts in the future for me. The other part of me secrectly wants this team to miss the post-season to show Jim Hendry that maybe the team that scored in the top of the league in most offensive categories last year didn’t need quite as much tweaking as he thought. Then again, an almost 40% turnover on the roster is far from tweaking things.

Milton Bradley – I like him. I’ll say it again. I like him…as a baseball player. I don’t like him as a person. Anyone who talks smack after singles and doubles or home runs when the team is down by multiple runs is a disgrace. I like how he hustles and I like his willingness to do things like go in hard at second, but I don’t like his excuses and I don’t like the non-baseball stuff he brings to the table. Since he’s been here we’ve heard excuse after excuse as to why he’s not performing. Anything from the day games to the big market to racist fans. Maybe he should have done his homework before coming to Chicago. At this point, I want him off my baseball team for next year.

Young vs. Old – We’re in the crunch time. It’s time to drop allegiances to guys that have “gotten it done in the past” and start playing the hot hand day in and day out. Sam Fuld gets 3 hits on Monday? Get him in there on Tuesday. Alfonso Soriano hits a pair of home runs on Wednesday? Get him in there on Thursday. I don’t care what your experience is, if you’re playing well, you need to play. It’s time for Lou to drop the PC garbage of playing the guys that have done it in the past and start taking it one game at a time. Put the best lineup on the field to win that game.

Sorry for the rant. I had to get that off my chest.

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