During this week’s news coverage of one of the significant news events mention was made of one family’s mantra. It went as follows: “To whom much is given much is expected.”

I thought about how this might apply to a person that made ten million dollars a year and that naturally led me to think about a certain Cubs right fielder. One who got cheered resoundingly a couple of times today when he performed well, it made me wonder whether or not there was some kind of disconnect between what this man perceives and what really goes on. If some nutjob in the right field bleachers yells the N word does that really mean that Wrigley is a racist environment? If some goofball shows up at an Obama speech wearing a sidearm and a sign that promotes violent overthrow does that mean that New Hampshire is a hearth of rebellion?

I compare and contrast Bradley’s antics with the actions of a young footballer for my alma mater Vanderbilt. Kadri made a brash decision that he later regretted; he asked permission to re-join the team and was later quoted in the Nashville paper as saying: “It feels good to know that I can make a mistake, be going through some things and they’re still willing to welcome me back.”

This is a young man who has learned the value of humility, he has learned that he is an imperfect human being that makes mistakes. I’m really rooting for him and hopefully he will one day wear Titan or Bears blue. Will Milton Bradley learn this? I think not – he’s been through seven teams in almost as many years, his history shows that he gets passed around more than a party girl at a fraternity PGA sorority swap. I’m talking about character here, a trait that Mr. Bradley must learn if he’s to salvage what appears to be a disastrous season and a career that is now in a dubious state.

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