Quotes from the Cub website that caught my attention:

Lou, discussing the Cub pitching and propensity to walk hitters: “in this business… if you get runners on, they score.” Brilliant. As opposed to getting them out, of course, where it is infinitely more diffucult for them to do so. Let’s try that option for a while, pitching staff.

Soto: “I don’t think he (Marmol) has anything in his head.” Gee, no kidding. In this article, Soto said that he feels Marmol’s problem is with his arm slot. Got that? ARM SLOT. Therefore, crack pitching coach is working with Marmol. On his leg kick. LEG KICK.

“Rollins launched the first pitch from Sean Marshall into the left-field seats for his 15th homer and also served up Ibanez’s blast, his 27th, and an RBI single to Pedro Feliz.” What? Rollins hit a homer and also pitched to Ibanez and Feliz? Huh?

Koyie Hill” “Any time, if it’s a guy’s first start, it’s going to be new to him,” Hill said of Samardzija.” Um, Koyie, the first ANYTHING is usually NEW to the person. That’s kind of, well, what FIRST means, doesn’t it?

“I think he (Pedro) doesn’t have the stuff he had before, but now he pitches smart,” Soriano said. Soriano, it should be noted, still hits stupid and gets dominated by the aging Martinez.

Koyie Hill again: “Pedro, to me, was Pedro,” added Cubs catcher Koyie Hill, who went 1-for-2 off Martinez. “Maybe not six, seven years ago, but he’s going to give those guys a chance to win when he goes out there.” And you know Pedro from seven years ago how? Did you have a TV in the barn? He was pitching for the Red Sox in 2002 and did get a lot of face time on the tube.

Eric Lee, on vacation from his home in Lambertville, N.J., thought Martinez’s five innings were “pretty good,” for a guy his age. Who’s age? Martinez or the jackass from Lambertville? Who writes this tripe? Who cares where one guy in the stands comes from? For that matter, who cares what he thinks. He’s a Phillie fan.

It doesn’t get easier. Cliff Lee is on the mound today. He’s pretty good. He was acquired at the trading deadline. Some teams actually go get players to improve their chances of winning divisions and postseasons. The Cubs, however, just continue to say how “injuries are a part of the game.” Yes. Yes they are. So are trades. My opinion is that this team, with this personnel and this coaching staff won’t win the division. You’ll think it’s drastic and that I’m nuts, but I think this team needs to be blown up and rebuilt. Starting with the management. And you can quote me on that.

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