Sure baseball is a “win some, lose some” sport. Sure, close games can go either way. And when you get blown out — a la the final two in Colorado, you just say “oh well, it happens,” and you move on to the next series. Losing closer games is harder — you wonder what coulda, shoulda been done to win the game. You look for blame to place.

So, last night — who do you blame?

1. Lou for pulling Harden with only 87 pitches? Is there some sort of law in Lou’s world that pitchers have to come out after seven innings or 100 pitches, whichever comes first?

2. The offense? Ten hits and seven walks really ought to yield more than three runs in 12 innings. Again — does this team lack clutch?

3. Marmol — I mean one HBP and three walks and a hit in two thirds of an inning? Really? Really? Send him down. He needs help. His problem is either mechanical or it’s between his considerable ears.

4. Gregg — Oh, yeah, I feel good when he comes in. Tingly all over.

5. The 0 for 9 Soto/Soriano combo? Tough day for the 5/6 spot. Why is Soto hitting 5 again? Because he came off the DL swinging such a hot bat? No, can’t be that. Because he was on fire back when he got hurt? No. Can’t be that. Hmm. I wonder.

6. Injuries? It’s easy to say “all the injuries are at fault” but what team doesn’t have injuries during the season? And even with the injuries, the Cubs have fielded a fairly good team all year…or at least an expensive one…it just hasn’t produced.

7. Jim Hendry — for not improving the team enough in the areas that are the most needed at the trade deadline. Just wondering who you blame?

Me? I blame them all. Mostly I blame myself for caring.

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