Quick Weekly Wrapup

  • Friday, 07/24: vs. Cincinnati, W (8-5)
  • Saturday 07/25: vs. Cincinnati, W (5-3)
  • Sunday 07/26: vs. Cincinnati, W (5-2)
  • Monday 07/27: vs Houston, W (5-1)
  • Tuesday 07/28: vs Houston, L (11-6)
  • Wednesday 07/29: vs Houston, W (12-0)
  • Thursday 07/30: vs Houston, W (12-3)

Fun week to watch Cubs baseball! I’m trying not to get over confident yet, but I’m definitely more optimistic than in weeks past.

Count-the-Mullets Results

Only 6. Disappointing turnout this year.

Question of the Week

This week I actually have four questions for your consideration:

  1. This has been talked about a little bit already but let’s hear your thoughts. Who do you want in the rotation now that Hart’s gone? Marshall? Samardzija? Someone else entirely? Let’s look at it two ways. Who do you want in the rotation? vs. Who will Lou use in the rotation? They are not necessarily the same. Rarely if you’re me.
  2. It seems when Soriano hits the whole team hits. When Soriano sucks the whole team sucks. Why is that? Is it even true, or is it just a perception? I remember thinking it last year too.
  3. What was so bad about Hart? It’s a serious question, not sarcastic. I’m really trying to learn. He looked fine, not great but fine, yet even when he was doing ok you didn’t hear a good word about him. Even from Len and Bob. Everyone seemed almost cynical about it … kind of like “well, he’s holding his own but heaven knows how he’s pulling it off” rather than “wow the kid’s holding his own!” Just a little Lizzie education with this question.
  4. Did you hear about the naked bat girl at the Marlins game last week? Me neither, just seeing if anyone’s paying any attention on a Friday afternoon. :-)

Weekly VFTB Highlights

  • I cant quit you man!!! (here)
  • We’re in first place!!!!!! (here)
  • Thank God for offense. (here)
  • Soriano should never hit leadoff again. (here)
  • I think you should have said.. “I’ll try not to Wee in the pool” (here)
  • Admit it. If I would have said that Kevin Gregg would have better numbers than Carlos Marmol at this point in the year, would you have believed me? (here)
  • [Bradley] seems to love to draw the walks and since he seems to have an allergy to driving in runs, why not hit him 2nd? (here)
  • you go with a professional hitter in that situation, not a pitcher who swings like Paul Bunyan (here)
  • A guy like Fontenot must be able to bunt. He is a medicore utility infielder. You have to know how to bunt. (here)
  • Lou didn’t pinch hit for Demp in the 4th because we just played a 14 inning game the day prior, taxing our bullpen, the top 1% of wage earners and your employer-paid health benefits. (here)
  • Maybe Jim Edmonds is available? (here)
  • I could have been a wideout for chrissakes. (here)
  • Bob, rather than replying sympathetically like a former catcher may, simply said that under normal circumstances calling balls and strikes is a tall order for Bucknor. (here)
  • Milwaukee – Still drunk, stupid and trying to keep from free falling. (here)
  • I think the next six games will tell the tale of if the ship has been righted. (here)

You’re right, Matt, this week will show us. Should be some exciting baseball! Enjoy it!

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