There is a lot of speculation as to what the Cubs need to add to make this another playoff season – some suggest a right fielder, others a second baseman, still others want another quality lefty out of the pen.   My suggestion is much cheaper and easy to purchase – duct tape.  For Milton Bradley’s mouth.  I have a suggestion for Mr. Bradley too and it’s even cheaper – Google the words “Todd AND Hundley AND finger.”  Learn about what happened when Hundley came to bat Milton – make a decision as to whether or not you want to listen to the boos every time you run to right field or go to bat.  For that matter, read about Jacque Jones and his brief stay in Chicago; the difference here is that Jones only cost $5M a year so he was real easy to ditch.  Not so easy with you Milton, you’ll have to serve out your contract and listen to the fans sing your praises.

I feel like many of our readership here seem to feel, we’ve been patient with Mr. Bradley’s antics and lack of maturity but now he seems to be hindering the team with his attitude.  Guys with bad attitudes can really hurt morale in any business, let alone a teamwork-intensive endeavor like baseball.  I’m hopeful that Lou Piniella will begin immediate tough love sessions with a three day benching.  This guy needs serious lessons in humility and it wouldn’t hurt for him to do some Dale Carnegie immersion as well.

This guy clearly has a “people problem.”


Speaking of guys with no tact, how about LaTroy Hawkins running his mouth with an umpire?  I’ve never seen a pitcher ejected for arguing balls and strikes in the middle of an at bat – I used to hate it when this guy would call into the Score and chime in like he was some kind of baseball fortune teller.  The ump clearly warned Hawkins of his impending fate, my hat’s off to that guy, particularly after taking a real nasty foul ball off his throat protector.

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