Yes. We whupped up on the mighty mighty Nationals. Good for us. I am happy that we won four games — against anybody — so don’t get me wrong, but I wanted to point out a few things that I noticed. I only was able to watch one game — the third — the 6 – 4 victory in which Soriano hit the decision three run homer. Nice to see him hit one with men on base. So, he CAN do it when he’s not batting leadoff. Hmm. The thing I found most interesting in the inning in which Soriano hit what would turn out to be the game winner was the absence of Milton Bradley in the dugout celebration. Maybe he was in the clubhouse rubbing his sore leg from that completely feeble attempt to break the bat over his knee? I mean, really — a.) Soriano just picked him up BIG TIME, and more importantly, b.) the Cubs just took the lead. It’s still a team sport, right? He should have been on the top step to congratulate his teammate. But not our Milkit Badly — not his style. At what point will some of you who have been “giving him a chance” realize that the sample size is big enough. For crying out loud…do you see that Jake Fox is two rbi’s behind him now? I say that we are a better team without him in the starting lineup.

Nice to see that Fontenot is beginning to swing the bat again. He looks a lot looser than he did a few weeks ago. Von Joshua? I am seeing a different approach — taking the outside pitch and going with it instead of trying to jerk everything. Good. We need the production from second base.

 Koyie Hill is a pretty good catcher.

I thought Lou went to the bullpen too soon. Wells had JUST gotten it together — his first one, two, three inning — and had only thrown 80 some pitches when he was pulled. I’d have given him the ball in the sixth. He did the same thing yesterday with Hart with a big lead — not sure why, unless it was to stretch Samardzija out a little.

I know we swept the series, but Adam Dunn outplayed Milton Bradley.

This just in. Michael Jackson? Still dead.

 Rumor I’m hearing? Roy Halladay will be a Philly in the next week. That’s not good for the NL. Better than him being a Cardinal, though, which is also rumored. Apparently Chris Carpenter is one of his best friends…

Aramis is hurting. I think we’re lucky if he’s 75%.

I read that Lou is going to “personally work with Bradley on his swing.” I hope that’s synonymous with “beat the crap out of him and leave him somewhere.” But I doubt it.

On a side note: I may get to throw out the first pitch at a Pirate game (don’t ask — long story) and have been wondering…do I wear my Cub jersey? Thoughts?

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