With Rammy coming back on Monday, and an important stretch of games leading into the all star break, it’s a good start to get the series win, even if it comes against the Pirates. You’ve got to start somewhere, and losing the series to them certainly is not what you need to be doing. Four games against the Brewers coming up and I want 3 of them. Is that too much to ask?

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  • We saw Sam Fuld leading off and Ryan Theriot hitting second. Compare that with the Soriano, Fukudome mess we saw the night before and I have to say I was much more pleased to see this lineup. I’m tired of Lou putting Sori in that top of the order spot with him struggling the way he is. If I’m in charge I sit down with Soriano, calmly, and explain to him that if he wants to hit at the top of the order he needs to earn it back. He needs to hit in the 6th or even 7th spot until he can show he’s done slumping and ready to be a productive member of the lineup again. I’d even be willing to make a statement and sit Soriano again tonight in favor of Fuld who played well. He made a nice catch in the OF, a great throw to nail a runner at the plate, and was just what the doctor ordered at the top of the plate with hitting and patience. I don’t think Reach for the Sky trailer he’s the saviour at the leadoff spot, but if he produces, give him another game to do it again. He does seem a little twitchy in the box, which made me laugh.
  • Milton Bradley was in the lineup tonight, though I thought he was supposed to be sitting for both of the remaining games in the series to work with Von. He looked OK at the plate. I did notice something when he’s hitting lefty, and this could be the result of him slumping from the side, but he looks to be relieved when he can draw a walk. He flips the bat so quickly and darts down to first as if he’s afraid they’re going to take the walk away and he’ll be forced back into hitting from that side. What I don’t understand about him is why he’s a switch hitter. His numbers are drastically different when he hits from the left side, so why not scrap that project all together?
  • Everyone has been calling for fire from Lou and tonight he got ejected. What makes me laugh is that I think he was looking for a spot to do it and I would almost venture to say that he was asking the umpire to do it to take a little pressure off from the media. I wouldn’t be surprised if he went out and yelled and asked them to do it and they quickly obliged.
  • Another nice start by Wells and you have to ask yourself if perhaps he deserves to be our all star rep. He would be who I vote for. You?
  • Jose Ascanio pitched 4 innings for Iowa as a starter, allowing 2 hits and no runs while striking out 7

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