First the good news – we won one, and we sure needed it. Jake Fox had a great day at the plate, hopefully we’ll see him starting at third until he shows us reason to do otherwise. Now the bad news – for some inexplicable reason the Cubs manager went to a clueless Carlos Marmol and nearly cost us another game. Doesn’t Piniella watch these games? Why can’t he see that Marmol is making games unnecessarily close? Let’s demote Carolos to Iowa and bring up Jeff Stevens for a couple of weeks and let Marmol either get his head back in the game or get used to Des Moines steak dinners. I’m tired of Marmol and it’s not going to come to him in a revelation. He needs some good old-fashioned humility and/or minor league instruction.

I’m also getting fed up with Milton Bradley, until now I’ve taken a wait and see attitude because the guy can hit when he wants to. Thus far it appears that Bradley will hit in the Friendly Confines but he does next to nothing on the road – IMO his thin skin is such that he puts extra effort in when he’s in Wrigley because he doesn’t want to hear the boos. Today’s temper tantrum was such that even Alfonso Soriano commented on it. Said the Cubs’ left fielder: “I hope [Bradley] comes back and he can help the team to win. If he’s not that way, we don’t need him. We have 25 players, we have to be on the same page. If he’s not 100 percent to help the team to win, we don’t need him. If he’s 100 percent and he comes and wants to play, he’s more than welcome.”

The guy is starting to show signs of being a clubhouse cancer – now is the time to ask him to make an apology to his manager and teammates. If he doesn’t want to do that then put Milton on the restricted list and suspend him until further notice. Methinks it’s time for Bradley to man up and quit acting like a spoiled little child.

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