Taking Joe’s theme of extinction a little bit further…

Let’s look at the word, extinction. Middle syllable is “stink” — and that’s exactly what the Cubs are doing right now. Maybe they won’t stink all year, but they do now. But why?

Let’s take the dinosaur. Or, better yet, the panda. Yes, the panda. On the verge of extinction — but they have no natural enemies. No predator considers the panda. Not as a meal. Not as a threat. No shortage of bamboo. But there they are…almost extinct. Why? Because they are lazy and stupid, I think.

Now let’s take the ballplayer with the long term guaranteed contract. Or huge money short term deal. Some with a no trade clause. They become dinosaurs, er, pandas. Content. Big, lazy, stupid…

In fact, until this team starts playing better baseball, and starts showing some energy and starts winning ballgames, I officially rename them the Chicago Pandas.

Speaking of energy…everyone jumps around like crazy men after a walk off single — why can’t they show that energy DURING the game? Oh, right…because pandas can’t jump.


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