Today Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg added his name to a growing list of people who say that Sammy should not be given baseball’s highest honor if allegations that he used PEDs are true. In an interview with ESPN 1000 radio Ryno was quoted as saying: “They use the word ‘integrity’ in describing a Hall of Famer in the logo of the Hall of Fame, and I think there are gonna be quite a few players that are not going to get in.”

One can hardly imagine Sandberg using steroids, although he was certainly a guy who could have benefited from them. Ryno wasn’t blessed with the kind of physical talents that Sosa was, he had to earn things the old-fashioned way. Those of you that have never seen Sandberg’s induction speech Journey to the Center of the Earth ipod

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The Borrowers on dvd should really take the time to watch it. He was a man of few words when he played for the Cubs but he laid it all out on the line when he spoke at Cooperstown. He told us all that “he had too much respect” for the game to cheat or go up to the plate and try to just golf out homeruns.

Although I certainly enjoyed watching Sosa and McGwire duel it out and loved it when Sammy hit his game-winning hits I too have to think about “respect.” I’m glad the young kids that are coming up through the ranks in the Cubs organization have a teacher like Sandberg; perhaps some of the things he says and stands for will rub off.

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