Another Cubs feel-good day, Jake Fox led the way with three RBIs and Randy Wells got his well-deserved first win. We saved our pen which is great because the Cubs have a bunch of games in a row now, having forsaken their offday tomorrow for a makeup game against the Braves. BTW did any of y’all get to see the Red Sox vs. Bravos? I was concerned that the umpire might have thrown his shoulder out tossing players, it looked to me like he cashiered Chipper Jones, Bobby Cox and a Braves pitcher.

I really liked the inning that former Cub Todd Hollandsworth spent in the booth, I had a somewhat negative impression of this guy after being a Dusty favorite in his last year with the Cubs. His kids were priceless; the one closest to Brenly seemed totally focused on the game, oblivious to the fact that he was on nationwide TV. Watch for this kid in about eight years, he might be a ballplayer!

Tomorrow the Cubs go to Atlanta and it appears that the Cubs will put up their subs. Soriano and Theriot will get days off and it’s likely we’ll see some other moves as well (Hoff might be in right as the Braves’ pitcher Vasquez is rightnanded.) Johnson’s back is a concern which makes me wonder if he’ll see some DL time as the Cubs (wisely) are now DL’ing players instead of letting them occupy valuable bench space.

Wells’ performances really make me wonder whether or not Harden will be back next year.

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