I’m (Joe) posting this for Rob because I thought it was worth reading. It was important stuff that not just commenting folks should read.

People, this is a place of opinion. Write your opinion. Disagree with somebody else’s. We’re not trying to bring peace to the middle east here. We’re talking about a game and a team that has failed for 101 years. We are a people of misery. How can we take this so seriously? Yeah, I get ticked at gray boxes being pulled out of multiple paragraphs and dissected as if it is really important that Ryan Theriot’s numbers are declining or rising from April to May. I don’t care what some arbitrary, confusing statistic says about Alfonso Soriano’s fielding. I think I don’t want him chasing fly balls in close games. No statistic will make me feel different. But I do know that my opinion is based on hunch and feeling and that stats might tell a different story. Yet, even if they do tell a different story, I can still feel the way I do about Soriano…who really cares? Let’s disagree.

Stats can be manipulated. This came up in my conversation back and forth with Dave a few days ago. Some of Theriot’s numbers went down in the last month. Other numbers went up. Most of his numbers declined in the second half of the month. What story do I want to tell? I can probably find a statistic to prove it. I think Theriot is mediocre. Throw a bunch of stats at me. That is the fun of discussion. I still will think he is mediocre. Did you want Sammy Sosa up with the game on the line? I didn’t- even though stats might say my thoughts were unfounded. It was what I felt. The thing is I know it is a feeling. It could be proven wrong. This is a game. If it is proven wrong and I still believe it…what difference does it make? We should talk about this stuff as if it were a game. Another guy likes Theriot. Do I have a hard time understanding it? Yes. Does the sun rise in the morning in spite of people’s love for Theriot- I am pretty sure it will.

After the loss in the playoffs last year I said that I wouldn’t have so much of my life effected by the outcome of a game, played by a team of talented people who don’t really care about me or the city they play in. I love the Cubs. I still want them to win. I pay attention to, listen to, or watch ever game. Yet I am actually enjoying it.

I don’t like gray boxes or banana talk. However, one thing I think is sillier is people quitting discussion in frustration. If you want to talk then do so. People will disagree…even when statistics tell them that they are foolish for doing so. We are fans who watch a game. Maybe we should take some of this less seriously.

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