Reading the comments from some random Dodger fans on VFTB lately, I was reminded of a professional baseball game I attended in Los Angeles a while back.

It was 1956 and my dad (The World’s Greatest Living Cubs Fan) and two uncles took me to Wrigley Field in LA to watch the Los Angeles Angels play. I don’t remember but I’m told the Angels won that game.

Realizing (now) that Mr. Philip Knight Wrigley owned the Chicago Cubs and the Los Angeles Angels and both Wrigley Fields (Chicago and LA) and Santa Catalina Island (where the Cubs held their spring training at that time), it occurs to me that he could have moved the Cubs to LA. And if Mr. Wrigley had moved the Cubs to LA before Walter Alston moved his Brooklyn Dodgers there, my dad might have felt obligated to follow.

I might have grown up in Southern California and become a Valley Dude.

I asked my dad about that today. His first reaction was that he would not have followed the Cubs to LA. But I think that after an empty summer with no Cubs at Wrigley field (in Chicago), he might have reconsidered.

I am informed that in 1956 the LA Angels were a farm team of the Chicago Cubs, playing in the Pacific Coast League (a Triple A equivalent). I am further informed that, back then, with fewer major league teams (only 16), there were more minor league teams, especially Out West and Down South. I guess that means that the major league teams were mostly Up North and Back East.

My dad remembers that the catcher for the LA Angels that year (and that day) was brought up and caught for the Cubs in 1957. He can’t remember the player’s name. But my dad has the scorecard from that game in his basement. We’ll be looking at it together tomorrow.

The World’s Greatest Living Cubs Fan also reminds me that, since Mr. Wrigley had the minor league franchise in LA, he (and the Cubs) had 1st dibbs on moving to that market had they chosen to. My father thinks that Walter Alston and the Dodgers must have given Mr. Wrigley some considerable compensation for allowing the Brooklyn team to “invade” the Cubs’ territory. Hmmmmm.

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