Interesting week. I’m not feeling very good yet about how things are going, but I’m not feeling as bad as earlier in the week (long about losses 7 and 8). Let’s clock in at fair to midland and call it a week.




W/L – Score



@ San Diego

L (4-0)

I liked this Zambrano vs. Peavy matchup. Guess who won? Yep, Peavy. No offense yet again, too many strikeouts to count, lots of stranded runners. Ugh.


@ San Diego

L (3-1)

Randy Wells pitched yet another strong game. Needs to take his buddies out to dinner or something, maybe
buy some hits! Pitiful offense.


@ San Diego

L (7-2)

Ted Lilly takes the 7th-in-a-row loss. No offense.



L (10-8)

Finally, some hitting! Sadly Pittsburgh did too. Nice Memorial Day hats though! Loss for Cotts and although he’s a cutie I hope it’s the last I see of him for at least a little while.



W (6-1)

Marshall pitched well and had a hit with an RBI in a six-inning game (rain). My Cub-loving nephew-in-law-twice-removed (or something like that) suggested maybe all Cubs games should be six innings long, like Little League. At least it would solve the bullpen problem!



W (5-2)

Well, what to say. Zambrano threw a tantrum, Marmol got himself a win (thanks to Reed), Gregg scared me again, but it’s a win and we’ll take it!


LA Dodgers

L (2-1)

Joe said it all … “Randy Wells Gets the Shaft …. Again

New feature:
(Did you notice that GirlieView is still evolving? Every week I seem to try something new. I’ll find something I’m happy with eventually, and hopefully y’all will like it too. Or, maybe I’ll have a different feature every week!) Anyway, for now, each week I’ll nominate “Best Week” and “Worst Week” (meaning who had the best week and who had the worst week) and you can tell me whether you agree or disagree, and why, and if you disagree who would you pick?

Best Week:

Rat Race the movie

Hmmmm … let’s see … Reed? Marshall? Hoffpauir? Fukudome? Guzman? By the way I’m not picking these based on stats. Just gut. You can choose and defend yours however you like. I’m just deciding who gives me the warm ‘n’ fuzzies when I see them come up to the plate or makes me happy when they are pitching. My instincts might not stand up to the statistics but sometimes they’re worth something. Or at least I like to think so! I’m going with Reed. He seemed to make the most of his opportunities and I like that.

Worst Week: Hands down the Gatorade cooler had the worst week of anyone. He’s counting the minutes til the team goes on the road again.

I’m happy to entertain other nominees in either category. What are your thoughts?

Speaking of the Gatorade cooler, earlier in the season I wondered about Carlos Zambrano’s temper and tried to decide which comes first, the meltdown or the stink. Does a bad inning cause him to go bonkers, or does the emotional part come first and then his pitching come unglued afterwards. I still have the same question. Does anyone have an opinion? It was a close call at home, but everyone wins some close calls and everyone loses some and most folks don’t swing bats around the dugout when it doesn’t go their way. On first look it would seem the bad call caused the tantrum. Or, was he (first) disgusted with himself for making the pitch which caused the play which resulted in the bad call which (then) caused the tantrum? Or maybe he’s just a spoiled punk. (I’m still a fan when he’s good though! And I’m glad he’s not disputing the suspension … he apologized and is moving on. Best choice IMO.)

That’ll do it for now unless something groundbreaking happens in Thursday night’s game (it’s Thursday afternoon as I write this!)

Well, now it’s Friday, and nothing groundbreaking happened last night. Nothing that I want to talk about, anyway. Here on VFTB it seems a Dodger fan has too much time on his hands. Props to Kris for the Best Week Thought … that it takes a troll to unite the troops here. I try to remember that we all want the same thing, even if we say so differently. That’s what makes it great. Even when we piss each other off. xxoo

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