I decided to do something a little different tonight and score the fight like a boxing match by inning. In case you don’t know how that works, here is a decent explaination.

1st Inning: 10-8 Dodgers

  • Juan Pierre stole 2nd and scored on a bunt by Furcal. The problem I noticed was that Randy Wells has no slide step at all. He’s going to need to try to develop something or runners are going to steal all over the place on him. He was able to get out of the inning with just the one run allowed by pitching out of a 1st and 3rd jam with just one out.
  • Between the top and bottom of the inning, MLB Network ran two 2k9 commercials. The first had the game tonight played with the video game. Cubs win 3-2 thanks to a winning single by Milton Bradley. It’s a dumb concept in the sense that it shows nothing in terms of prediction accuracy, but it’s kind of fun to see Fontenot at SS, which is what happened in the commercial.
  • Leadoff single by Soriano is wasted thanks to a double play by Theriot with Milton striking out to end the inning.

2nd Inning: 10-10 Push

  • Randy Wolf had a terrible at bat trying to get a sacrifice down. He tried swinging for strike one and then missed the bunt on an outside pitch for strike two. He closed the at bad with a K on a fouled bunt attempt.
  • Matt Kemp gets a steal of 2B even with the pitchout in play. That shouldn’t be happening. It didn’t hurt us, but if you’re allowing guys to move around the bases for free, it’s going to bite you.
  • Another leadoff base runner, this time thanks to a nice at bat by Lee that resulted in a double to the opposite field, goes wasted as Reed Johnson can’t advance the runner and then both Geo and Fontenot go down swinging.

3rd Inning: 10-8 Dodgers

  • Bob Costas mentions that the Dodgers are doing things the right way tonight. With a bunch of singles, walks and steals, they’re doing the little things and have put a couple of runs on the board as a result. Heads up base running to take 2nd by Loney after his single.
  • Cubs down 1-2-3 and Randy Wolf is in the zone through the order the first time.

4th Inning: 10-10 Push

  • Wells gives up a leadoff single to Martin but makes a great pitch with an inside fastball to induce a 6-4-3 double play and inevitably, Costas brings up Tinker to Evers to Chance. You knew he was going to do it. It was just a matter of when.
  • Milton gets a walk, but we can’t do anything with it. Good at bat, despite the groundout by Theriot. He started off 0-2, but worked the count to 3-2 before hitting the ball 2nd.

5th Inning: 10-9 Dodgers

  • Great diving stab by Blanco to try to keep Pierre from an IF single, but JP is just too fast and beats the throw for a leadoff single.
  • With Pierre running on the play, Furcal lines to Reed Johnson and we get a non-traditional double play to push the Dodgers back after a good start to the inning. Running on the pitch, there really wasn’t anything JP could do on that play and the best move was to keep running and hope it drops.
  • Leadoff single goes to waste as Randy Wolf overpowers with three straight K’s to get out of the inning.

6th Inning: 10-9 Dodgers

  • Randy Wells has been pretty solid through six innings of work and really deserves some run support.
  • Another double play, this one off the bat of Milton Bradley and I’m getting frustrated. Thankfully I just saw the Tim Lincecum commercial where he’s mentoring his video game clone. That always amuses me, even the 9th time around this game.

7th Inning: 10-9 Cubs

  • Another quick inning for Wells and he’s probably done for the night. At this point, we’ve not won a single inning of this game. Just like in boxing, its time to go for the knockout late and try to pull this out.
  • Three Doors Down has a song that serves as the backdrop for the Geico caveman commercial. Is that a wise move? For me, that ruins a song for me because I think of the product when I hear it.
  • Another long drive to the opposite field for Lee turns into another long loud out. Another freaking double play ends the chance in the 7th.

8th Inning: Behind the Wall hd 10-8 Cubs

  • Prior to the start of the inning, Hampton Inn had a commercial in which a patron of a hotel went to the front desk to voice his concern that there were no towels in the room. The guy at the desk stops him, reaches down and pulls up a violin and then asks the patron to continue, while he plays for him. It has to be one of the funnier commercials I’ve seen in awhile.
  • Good stab at 3B by Fontenot keeps Orlando Hudson off the base paths.
  • Great inning for Aaron Heilman has Sherm smiling with pride.
  • B-Skillz pinch hits and works back from a 0-2 count to hit a 3-2 pitch into the left centerfield bleachers. Welcome Back Bobby!!! That HR knocks Wolf out of the ballgame, thank God.
  • Jake Fox and Kosuke Fukudome both come in as pinch hitters (three in a row) and get on base to give Soriano a shot to drive home some runs. He blows his chance and Theriot grounds into yet another freaking double play

9th Inning: 10-9 Cubs

  • Jose Ascanio on to try to hold the Dodgers at bay and give the 3-4-5 part of our lineup a chance.
  • Ascanio gets pulled after 0.1 IP and leaves 2 men on for Angel Guzman who was great. Awesome job by Angel and props to Fox for making a nice snag at 3rd to get the force at 2nd.
  • Wow, what a bunt by Bradley to get on base to start the 9th. If he didn’t fool the Dodgers, he sure caught me by surprise.
  • Clutch single by Lee and the Cubs are in business. Now we just need to stay out of the double play.
  • Johnson gets the runners advanced with 1 out and I wonder aloud if it wouldn’t be a better move to pinch hit with Koyie Hill for Soto. Then again, it looks like they’re walking Soto, so that would have been a bad call. Had they not walked him, would it have been better to give Hill a shot, considering Fox would be able to fill in behind the plate on an emergency basis if needed? It’s probably not the best move, considering the bench is thin, but I can wonder.
  • B-Skillz and Jake Fox strike out with bases loaded and the Dodgers hold on. GRRRRRR

Final Decision: Dodgers 86 / Cubs 84

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