Today’s loss marked the seventh consecutive loss; during the last six games the Cubs have scored a total of five runs. This is nothing less than anemic and it’s time that changes should be made. Ironically Derrek Lee (who has hit safely in 12 of his 27 at bats) was forced to sit today due to flu symptoms, his lack of production is one of the main reasons the Cubs are a .500 team but he is our hottest hitter.

I’m starting to wonder why we have so many role players that don’t produce. Every team is going to have periods when their best hitters don’t hit; when that happens they substitute their role players and soon the big bats come back and start hitting. Our bench guys come in and they seem to make things worse – I like the job that Scales is doing (although he is not hitting well any more) but I’m very disappointed in what Aaron Miles and Ryan Freel are bringing to the ballpark. These guys look like Neifi and Jose Macias did and they really handcuff the team as they occupy bench space that more productive hitters could take. IMO Jim Hendry should look at moving or DFA’ing at least one of these guys. I still like the idea of getting DeRosa back. And why are we benching Hill in favor of Soto? If any guy deserves some “rest” no one is more deserving than Geo.

It’s also getting a little frustrating seeing the Cubs go up to the plate and hack at pitches instead of working counts. Way too many low pitch counts for opposing starters, too many fly balls. Are the Cubs coaches talking about this? I like the input that Perry and Piniella can give hitters but why haven’t they turned this trend around?

Tomorrow is another day, St. Louis lost again and MIL is losing to the Twins. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that our boppers can snap out of this drought and let’s see how Bradley does tomorrow with the Boo Birds.Nothing But the Truth the movie

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