Joe will likely offer a more analytical article soon about tonight’s Cubs game. What I want to comment upon now is the fact that we haven’t looked too good recently but all is not lost. It isn’t even June first and the Cubs are within four games of first. Are we playing good ball? Of course not, it’s been a while since I’ve seen an offense as anemic as this one. Three runs in twenty-seven innings in a crucial series is nothing less than under whelming. Our offense isn’t even going through the motions, it’s sleep-walking.

So what should be done? Should Uncle Lou throw a hissy-fit and get tossed tomorrow? Might not hurt but methinks more concrete actions should be taken. Right now we need bats. What I’d like to see is as follows:

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  1. Bring Jake Fox up immediately and demote Fontenot or Scales
  2. Hoff should be substituted for Bradley for a few games and Lee for one or two
  3. Hill for Soto until results prove otherwise
  4. The Cubs should get a deal done for DeRosa. Miles/Fontenot/Scales/Freel ain’t getting it done at third and super-sub and moves should be made.

Now I’m sure that there will be lots of people that don’t agree with my specific causes of action, anybody can disagree. But what concrete steps do you as readers think should be taken? What would you do if you had the reins for the team?

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