He’s everyone’s favorite whipping boy (well, maybe not everyone, but certainly a lot of folk). He’s struggling to hit his weight and has a slightly younger rookie out performing him.

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Enter: The New York Mets

New York Mets slugger Carlos Delgado will have arthroscopic surgery Tuesday on his right hip, and there’s no immediate word on when he might return to the lineup.

The Mets, who entered Monday leading the NL East by a half-game over Philadelphia, said Delgado has a bone spur and a torn labrum in his hip. Team spokesman Jay Horwitz said no timetable for Delgado’s return will be decided until after the operation.

New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez had surgery in early March for a torn labrum — cartilage that lines the hip socket to stabilize and cushion the joint. He missed exactly two months. (Source)

They have Fernando Tatis to play 1b, but he is by no means a natural at that position in the field. Considering that division is probably the best in the NL with the Phillies, Marlins and Braves all projected at above .500 seasons, perhaps it becomes apparent to Omar Minaya to make a move to shore up that position. Carlos Delgado is a free agent after this season and is 37 years old. Perhaps a move to get a little younger at the position would help. Derrek Lee would fit that need in three areas.

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  1. Age (Lee is four years younger)
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  2. Contract (Lee is signed through next season)
  3. Fielding (Lee still provides very good hands at the position)

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Now before you go commenting that Derrek Lee has a no-trade, I know this. Part of the fun with blogs is to discuss things. Let’s assume for the sake of argument that Lee would wave that clause. Would you consider dealing him to the Mets and do you think the Mets would be interested? What would you want in return? Would you feel comfortable with Hoffpauir at the position on the fulltime basis?

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