I’m ready for a new look at Wrigley. No, not a new stadium, I mean a substantive change that keeps what we love but adds value. What I’m talking about is a retractable roof. Our redheaded stepsister to the north has one and they are a budget-oriented team. So why can’t we or shouldn’t we?

My reasons for making this enhancement are as follows:

  • Anybody that’s attended an April game knows it’s cold, if there’s any growth for ticket sales it has to be in the spring;
  • More free agents would consider Chicago a friendly destination were it not for the weather;
  • No more rainouts, no more day/night doubleheaders, again an attraction for free agents (not to mention out of town fans who want to come to Chicago;)
  • The Cubs can afford it and finally,
  • It would put to an end the periodic calls for a new stadium.

I love the Wrigleyville neighborhood and a retractable roof might also allay concerns about night games.  They could all be played under the roof to minimize concerns about noise.  What do y’all think?

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