Those of you that are fans of international baseball may know that the Japanese equivalent of the Cubs (i.e. the Hanshin Tigers) also have a curse.  Theirs has been called “the Curse of the Sanders Statue” and stems from an incident following the Tigers’ last championship in 1985.  In a fit of revelry frenzied Hanshin fans displaced a statue of Colonel Sanders and threw it in the Dotonburi River; the story goes that they were cursed and would never become champions again until the statue was recovered.

The city of Osaka has since spent over two million dollars dredging the river in search of that statue – this spring the long search came to an end as the plastic facsimile of the Colonel was recovered.

Now I’m not a big believer in all this curse stuff but let’s face it, the Cubs have brought more than one goat into Wrigley trying to banish a hex.  So who knows?  Even if it’s all balderdash it’s still fun to watch, maybe this will be the year for us too!

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