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Random Batch of Garbage

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Last night’s game frustrated me a bit, especially waking up and seeing the Hawks lost too. Yesterday we had some good discussion on Sherm’s latest rant (most of which I agreed with 100%). Today I want to present some misc. garbage for your reading.

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Must be a glitch on Yahoo — says Gregg gave up a run and Bradley went hitless. Can’t be. ~ billybucks

  • Speaking of the bullpen, it looks like we’ll have a WR in the pen as of today, but Hendry decided to place Wednesday Night Mystery with us and only give the clue that it would NOT be Neal Cotts headed out for some strange reason. My hope is that it’s David Patton, but my guess is that it will be Vizcaino for some reason that will be DFA’d and hopefully traded. I just hope Samardzija’s success last year wasn’t similar to Kevin Hart’s success the first year he was up in the Majors. He was great in 2007, but gawd awful in 2008. Let’s hope the same is not true of Samardzija.
  • Ryan Theriot screwed me last night real good in the beat the streak game where you pick one player each day in a quest to build a hitting streak. I was nervous about playing the fact that he’s been so hot. I tend to pick Cubs each day since I watch them on a day in and day out basis. Today I’m going with Rammy.
  • Explain to me again why it’s scored as an unearned run when the pitcher is the one that commits the error in the inning? I know Bob talked about it in the booth, but I don’t agree. If a pitcher’s error is the reason a run scored, he should pay the penalty for that. He EARNED it.
  • Both AAron Miles (had to type it like that just for fun) and Milton Bradley went hitless. Let the boo birds commence bashing them both. If you’re going to, though, perhaps booing Geo is in order too because he’s sucked as at the plate as well.
  • Maybe I’m just noticing it now, but has Ted Lilly always had the slight pause in his delivery as his twists a little. It almost reminds me of a less exagerated Hideo Nomo. Hey, whatever works for him.

Sorry about the lack of Minor League content over the last day or so (really sorry to sherms bunch especially). Don’t worry, I’ll be back today with some thoughts from last night on the farm. Until then, let’s talk Cubs.

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Sample Sizes

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

It has been said too many times here that Milkit’s 1 for 19 start is too small a sampling to mean anything. Therefore, by the same “rule,” we have to assume that AAron Miles 2 for 16 falls into the same anomaly category — and give him a pass. For now.

That said, what is the appropriate waiting period before we can call a sampling statistically accurate? Is it, oh, I don’t know, maybe 50 at bats? Is that a reasonable number to wait before passing any kind of judgment on a ballplayer?

If so, well, then Derrek Lee sucks, because he’s hitting .200 after his first 50 at bats. And that is after a poor spring. One homer. 9 batted in. Clogging up that three hole like a chunk of ham in Mama Cass’s windpipe. Or do we have to give him a hundred at bats? Or does it go by number of games played? Let me know, okay?

I don’t know the pitcher’s qualifier, either, but Neil Cott’s five walks and one hit batter in three innings pitched scares me. I think his problem is that he can’t pitch to lefties. But wait, he’s the situational lefty specialist! There’s the rub. He hasn’t been any good since the Sox tossed him aside.

Bright side is that we’re 8 and 4, which is a nice start. Great to see Aramis starting to heat it up — he’s an impact guy in the middle of the lineup when he’s hot — now we need the guys directly before and after him to pick it up, too. Hoffpauir did it tonight and got the job done. I really think that when (if) Milkit Badly comes back — he should hit third with Aramis fourth. Neither Fontenot nor Lee are hitting…so who’s your choice for the five spot? Soto? Not much else to choose from unless Hoffpauir plays first. Thoughts?

I’m liking Heilman — maybe he should be the fifth starter and Marshall should be in the bullpen. See above: Cotts, Neil.

More later. Or not.

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Kool Aid is Spelled M I L T ON

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Since this seems to be a reoccuring argument, and capnobvious took Dave and I to task, let’s outline my love for Milton flavored Kool Aid.

April 1999: While playing for Montreal’s Double-A affiliate at Harrisburg, Pa., he was suspended for seven games for spitting gum at an umpire after being ejected. The ejection came for charging the mound after being hit by a pitch.

  • OK, here’s one I can’t defend. Except he was young, and stupid. It happens.
  • April 2002: As a member of the Cleveland Indians, Bradley was removed from a Cleveland restaurant after he refused to leave. According to the EMS report, he was “severely intoxicated.”

  • Yeah, you’re using an off the field issue to support your argument. Anyone of us could be removed from a restaurant for “intoxification.” I’m betting a few have too.
  • April 1, 2004: Indians manager Eric Wedge determined Bradley failed to run out a pop-up that fell for a single during an exhibition game and removed Bradley from the game. Four days later, Bradley was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

  • OK, so we’ll use this argument, while at the same time A-Ram and Soriano do the same thing. I wonder what would happen if Lou pulled them?
  • June 1, 2004: Bradley dumped a bag of baseballs near third base, delaying the game, soon after being ejected.

  • Hasn’t this happened hundreds of times, with hundreds of other players? What’s the difference?
  • Sept. 28, 2004: Bradley, playing right field at Dodger Stadium, responded to a fan who threw a bottle in his direction by walking over the stands and slam-dunking the bottle back. He was ejected and removed his jersey on his way off the field.

  • By happenchance, I was actually at this game. I can’t defend his over the top antics, but didn’t we just see a manager pull his entire team off the field when the crowd started throwing things?I’m not saying his actions afterwards were acceptable, but when you’ve got things being thrown at you while trying to do your job, I’d get a bit pissed off too.
  • Oct. 6, 2004: Bradley called Los Angeles Times writer Jason Reid, who is a black, an “Uncle Tom” after Game 1 of the Dodgers-St. Louis Cardinals Division Series in St. Louis.

  • Carl Everett says dinosaurs didn’t exist. People say and do dumb things all the time. Browse these posts. You’ll see.
  • December 2004: Bradley served three days in an Ohio jail for what his agent said was the resolution of two traffic-related incidents. In one, Bradley was charged with refusing to sign a speeding ticket and then driving away. In the other, he pleaded guilty to yelling at a police officer.

  • Again, off the field stuff. I don’t get why everyone makes a big deal out of it. Let’s concentrate on his performance on the field.
  • June 28-July 30, 2005: According to municipal records in Redondo Beach, Calif., police were called to Bradley’s home three times to respond to complaints of domestic violence. He wasn’t arrested.

  • No arrests. Which means no probable cause. Which means no evidence such things were occuring. Next please.
  • Aug. 20, 2005: Bradley and Dodgers teammate Jeff Kent got into heated exchange during a game after Kent accused Bradley of not hustling. Bradley said Kent, who had issues with Barry Bonds when both played for the San Francisco Giants, has difficulty dealing with black players.

  • It’s well know Jeff Kent was an hot head himself, who did have issues with black players. What’s the point?
  • Sept. 23, 2007: As a member of the San Diego Padres, Bradley was lost for the last week of the season when he suffered a knee injury following a confrontation with first base umpire Mike Winters that resulted in Bradley being ejected. Bradley was hurt when Padres manager Bud Black wrestled him to the ground during Bradley’s argument with Winters. Major League Baseball later confirmed Winters used profane language during the argument and suspended him for the rest of the regular season and the post-season.

  • So he’s called out, and the ump uses profane language, which is confirmed by the MLB. There happens to be a freak accident that blows his knee out. How does this matter?
  • AND booted from his first Wrigley Field appearance in a Cub uniform AND suspended for THAT temper tantrum.

  • After that call, I’d have done the same. It was terrible. Sometimes, like a Technical Foul in basketball, something needs to be said or done to get the team motivated. I don’t see D-Lee, Soraino, or A-Ram, doing it. It might as well be someone. This team needs a little fire. Unless, you consider beating a water pipe to death after you’re eliminated “fiery.”
  • Saw hd

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    Lunch on the Farm – 4/20

    Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

    We begin the roundup with a look at the second base position in the system so far. The other day we took a look at catcher and found that we’ve got a couple names making some noise. Let’s take a look now at 2B.

    Stats current through 4/20/09 courtesy of Baseball Reference

    Taking a look at this position, there is really only one name that has me excited about the future, Tony Thomas. Thomas comes in as one of the top players in the system as ranked by John Sickels. In his prospect handbook, he mentioned:

    Thomas was drafted in the third round in ’07, out of Florida State, earning the slot after a breakthrough junior season. He continued to perform well in short-season ball after signing, but his skills regressed last year in the Florida State League. His plate discipline deteriorated against more advanced pitching. He had a harder time stealing bases, and observers were
    unimpressed with his defense at second. His defensive statistics were actually not bad for Daytona, a strong .989 fielding percentage and an above-average range factor being positives, but scouts don’t like his actions around the bag and have been complaining about his range and mobility for years. I’m more concerned about the slippage in his strike zone judgment. If he hits they can find a place for him to play, but he’s got to get back to what he was doing in ’07 for his bat to rebound. I still think Thomas is interesting, but adjustments must be made.

    The other name making noise is Bobby Scales, but at this point, he’s probably too old to get excited about.

    Results from 4/20/09

    AAA – Iowa 7, Round Rock 5

    • Jason Dubois went 3-for-4
    • Jake Fox went 1-for-4, but had another extra base hit (double)

      Dead Man release

    AA – Tennessee 4, West Tenn 3

    • Tony Thomas went 2-for-5 with a HR The Sicilian movies
    • Wellington Castillo went 0-for-4 with four K’s

    High A – Daytona 6, Dunedin 2 Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith dvdrip

    Top Prospect Tracker

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    To view the entire organizational recap of box scores, be sure to visit the Cubs page on

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    Organizational Results for 4/19

    Monday, April 20th, 2009

    The Long Weekend full

    ML – Cubs – Rained out and rescheduled for a doubleheader on July 12, 2009

    AAA – Iowa – defeated Round Rock 8-2

    AA – Tennessee – Rained out. No makeup date has been announced

    High A – Daytona – Lost to Lakeland 4-2

    Low A – Peoria – Rained out with makeup set for May

    Misc. Notes

    Thunder Over Reno buy

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