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April 29, 2009

A Quick Review of Commenting

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Lately we’ve had some heated discussions of the merit of Jake Fox, the ability of Ryan Theriot and the reliability of rechargeable vs. non-rechargeable batteries (not actually, but that may be a good discussion).

As is the case when people have disagreement, words are said that shouldn’t be said. For example, instead of saying “Pablo, you’re an idiot saber nerd….Ryan Theriot is a god”, a better way to handle it is to simply continue to make your case without the ridicule against the commentor.

I really like the disagreements we’ve had over the players we’ve been talking about, particularly Jake Fox. Let’s just try to get along. As far as the language, I’m trying to be more lax with that. Just keep it somewhat PG. Don’t be dropping any f-bombs and things of that nature and we should be good. In the meantime, carry on.Herbie Rides Again release

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Joe Aiello is the founder of View From the Bleachers and one of the lead writers. Growing up in Chicago, he fondly remembers attending games in the bleachers before that was the popular thing to do. Currently Joe resides in North Carolina with his wife and three kids and helps people protect their assets as an independent insurance agent. Connect with Joe via Twitter / Facebook / E-mail

  • Mastrick

    Agreed totally. If we are to have fun with this site then let’s be collegial – we can agree to disagree. This site is devoted to something we all like, that being the Cubs. I enjoy reading the comments here and responding myself, there’s a good group of writers on this site so let’s all be respectful and enjoy the season!

  • rob

    I often go between love and hate with the Cubs. I argue with myself.

  • Tom C

    ‘idiot saber nerd…’ – classic Joe, classic! Can I use that for when I need something else to call my employees…

  • Mastrick

    Well if ever there was a day to write something bombastic today was sure the day! Our Cubbies got blitzkrieged by the the Diamondbacks, yes those guys, the ones that can’t hit their way out of paper bags! Dempster didn’t have his stuff and he was wild – then all of a sudden Marmol, Samardjiza and Gregg came in and showed us why we should be fearful about our bullpen.

    Onwards to Chicago, all is not lost. That having been said we’ve got a lot to watch for, lots of things this team has to prove to itself and to it’s fans. Will they do it?

  • Rick Beato

    This team as presently constituted does not appear to be a contender for the postseason. When the Cubs announced that Aramis would be out 2-3 days I said at least a week probably longer. We have proven that Fontenot cannot play 3B and we have no one on the squad OR in Iowa OR in Tennessee who can. Whose fault is that?

    Instead we carry Joey Gathright who cannot play baseball, any position. He must go.

    D.Lee looked awkward at 1B today. How can a cleanup hitter get credit for a single on a line drive bunt that carries past the bag? Lee was slow and did not move well after that ball. He is not hitting and he has no range at first.

    The jury is still out on Milton Bradley but he shows none of the fire and drive he had in Arizona. Whose fault is that? Does he blame the sportswriters for that?

    Yes, it is early. No, it is not time to give up. But yes, something needs to change to get this ship righted. Someone must light a fire under the players who are in the lineup. And someone must get the guys healthy and prepared. Soon.

  • sherm

    Twenty games in and we are a .500 team. Perhaps, that’s what it is…a .500 team.

  • dave l

    Twenty games in and we are a .500 team. Perhaps, that’s what it is…a .500 team.

    Sure… if you think that Fontenot, Lee, Soto, and Johnson will all continue to hit around .200, and that Bradley, ARam, Lee, and Marmol will continue to miss significant time, then sure, this is a .500 team. Of course, I don’t expect Fukudome to continue to hit like this, but other than that, no one else is really over-performing.

    By the way… Tampa Bay was 9-11 last year after 20 games.

  • dave l

    We have proven that Fontenot cannot play 3B

    “We” have? Because he had one bad game?

    The jury is still out on Milton Bradley but he shows none of the fire and drive he had in Arizona.

    Arizona? Huh?

    I really have no idea what you are referring to. What fire do you want to see? What drive?

    It has nothing to do with fire or drive. He is just struggling right now to get hits. But he is still getting on base, and the hits will come. Milton Bradley will not continue to hit .107.

  • cap’n obvious

    Wasn’t it in Arizona, in his first at bat, that Bradley started all this half-injured nonsense? Bradley might not hit .107, but it won’t be long before .250 becomes tough. I must say, Beato is right on Gathright…a big league pinch runner who gets picked off is not a big leaguer. Plus, I think he looks an awful lot like Juan Pierre and Korey Patterson. We had those guys, and they didn’t really help get the Cubs past round 1. You can’t carry a guy on a 25 man roster than only has 1 tool (see Ward, Daryl, etc.)for a 162 game season and not expect the lack of versatility to bit you in the ass (sorry Joe) more than once. National League rules make it tough to carry a 1 tool player…no matter how great that 1 tool is.

    Lee has never been all that nimble of foot around the bag, but he has great hands and is still a more than serviceable 1B…sorry Sherm, he could not play 3B for Doc Raker’s Huntington Beach slow pitch team. Of course, it doesn’t look like Fontenot can either, and Miles just plain sucks.

    We should be collegial. This could be a fun group.

    That being said, there’s no way banana twins isn’t going to stick.

  • Matt

    It all makes sense now. You’re all softball players…….

  • Kris

    Hey, as a softball player, I take offense to that! Because apparently I have to be up in arms about something here this week. ;)

    I’m busy coming up with a strategy on how to actually enjoy this Cubs’ season. I turned yesterday’s game off because I was not enjoying it in the least. I suppose that makes me a crappy fan, but whatever. There will be other games that will be fun–so why waste my time on that garbage.

  • sherm

    Okay, I’ll admit it. Not everyone who can play first can play third. It would have been better to say that most guys who can play third can also play first. I SHOULD have said that many players can and do play both positions. My apologies.

    “It all makes sense now. You’re all softball players…….”

    First of all, you guys have to teach me the cool gray box thing, but mostly — wah, wah, Matt said something mocking and relatively clever and my feelings are hurt, wah, wah.

    Seriously, though, many teams hide their defensive liabilities at first base — and we’ve been lucky not to have to do that. Lee is a terrific first baseman, still, but in the grand scheme of things what would you rather have? A great fielding 1b with Lee’s current offensive woes? Or an average fielder who can rake? Just curious. In a perfect world he starts to hit again and renders the discussion moot.

    He had that one monster season, an anomaly season, I think someone called it here — is it conceivable that it was “enhanced?” Just asking. I don’t think so; but who knows? Stranger things have happened in baseball this decade.


  • Matt

    Most teams hide their defensive liabilities in LF.

    I’d rather have Lee scooping up Scrappy Theriot’s terrible throws, than a Hoffpauir.

  • dave l

    sherm… who is this “average fielder who can rake?”

    Because I don’t think that Hoffpauir or Fox would give you substantially more offensive production than Lee over the course of a season.

    And fwiw, Lee isn’t just a very good defensive 1B, but he also makes Theriot and ARam a lot better defensively also.

    And no… I don’t think that Lee’s one season was enhanced. He hasn’t been the same since then, not because of the lack of steroids, but because of the wrist and neck/back injuries.

  • cap’n obvious

    I have often wondered about Lee’s 2005 Brady Anderson year…I am not saying he’s guilty, but unlike the banana twins, I see it as being possible that a Cub player was dirty. Especially in a clubhouse with the likes of Joe Borowski, Ben Grieve, Matt Lawton, Jeromy Burnitz, Mark Prior and Meathead Barrett. A lot of one year wonders on that team…though 2005 wasn’t the one year for all of them.

  • Matt

    Once again, if you had been around long enough here, I don’t think you’d ever find me defending Sosa.

    Stick your banana in that.

  • dave l

    but unlike the banana twins, I see it as being possible that a Cub player was dirty

    WTF? I swear… people really, really like to make stuff up. Where did I say that no Cubs player was every dirty?

    I simply said that I didn’t think that Lee was juicing, and I said why. Yet somehow that gets turned into “No Cubs player was every dirty.”

    BTW… what “one year wonder” year did Prior have? Or Burnitz? Or Barrett? Or Grieve? Or Lawton?

    Hell… did any of those players have a “one year wonder” type year?

  • Matt

    Ignore him Dave.

    I little digging led me to his true calling. He’s a Cards fan.

    Hey, Reed…it’s weird saying that, because it’s my last name. Welcome to MLBlogs! Since you are a Cub, we must be sworn enemies. But as a fellow blogger, I promise not to be unfair or inappropriate in any way. That’s right…I will be completely fair and appropriate with my jabs and disparaging remarks. Go Cardinals!


    That’s his response to a Reed Johnson blog post.


  • Doc Raker

    I think Prior was a steriod user for sure.

  • dave l

    Doc… but that wasn’t the point.

    Which one of those players had “one year wonder” types of years?

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