No, GirlieView has nothing to do with Gordon’s pornographic potential third role! There seems to only be a handful of women around here so in hopes of attracting more readers of my gender I thought a girl’s point of view might be interesting. Maybe only to me! Nevertheless, this new Friday feature will combine some weekly highlights from Cubdom and VFTB for anyone who’s been too busy to follow along game-by-game or post-by-post, plus some other stuff. The “some other stuff” … well … that’s what keeps the mystery alive. Ha. It may (((gasp))) not always be baseball related. So let’s get to it.

Fri 17/Sat 18/Sun 19 – After a tough loss on Thursday (recapped here) which included Milton Bradley’s ejection and launched a lot of VFTB discussion (here, here

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Flash of Genius psp Suburban Girl video

, here and my personal favorite, here), Friday’s game was an exciting win, series tied

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The Haunted Mansion hd

. Another exciting Saturday win ultimately ended up being the difference in the series due to Sunday’s rain out. (Monday (20th) off day.)

Tue 21/Wed 22 – I missed Tuesday’s game and everyone else must have also, there was no chit chat about it. Y’all must have been watching Dancing with the Stars. Rich Harden, Aram and Hoffpauir did well in the Cubs’ 7-2 win. The most amusing thing about Tuesday (in hindsight) is how reported that Samardzija won’t be called up anytime soon. (That is, until Wednesday night.) Wednesday’s somewhat disappointing loss (recapped here) evened the series. During Wednesday’s loss, Lilly made a fielding error which resulted in a run scoring. Some discussion ensued about the definition of an earned vs. unearned run in that situation, since the pitcher was the one who committed the error. Good explanation, Rick Beato, thank you! But this leads me to the ………..

Question of the Week –  (To save face, I could say that the only reason I ask these questions is to encourage conversation and/or to benefit some novice readers who don’t understand all the ins and outs of the game. But in most cases I’d be lying. I don’t really know the answers, I just sometimes pretend I do.) Let’s say instead of the pitcher making that error, let’s say it was … ummm … Soriano. I know, it’s a stretch. Anyway let’s say he made an error causing one unearned run and that was the only run of the game. The pitcher still gets the loss, right? So am I missing something or does that kind of suck for the pitcher?

Thur 23 – Thursday indeed brought Samardzija with Luis Vizcaino designated for assignment to make room. Samardzija is from NW Indiana (where I am). We all love him here and are happy to see him back with the big boys even though his initial outing was unimpressive. In fact, Thursday’s whole game was unimpressive. I only caught bits and pieces, but every bit and piece reminded me of the Keystone Cops. Let’s move on to St. Louis.

Some other stuff – So, Wednesday was Earth Day. Are you still using your grocery store’s plastic bags or are you carrying in your own re-usable sacks? I use my own, but I have a confession to make. The decision wasn’t entirely in support of waste reduction. A big secondary benefit was that the baggers would no longer lick their fingers in order to separate the plastic bags before packing my food. I was seriously tired of toting home someone else’s spit with my dozen eggs. Got any bag lickers where you live, or am I just lucky like that? I can’t imagine this will become a hot topic of conversation here at VFTB but I bet you’ll notice from now on. You can thank me later.

On a more serious Earth Day note (not that I don’t take having my bags licked seriously) … I found a show that has become my new morning indulgence. Sunrise Earth .. check it out. It’s peaceful, relaxing, captivating and beautiful. Kinda like you guys. xxoo

Have a great week!Equus on dvd

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