Last night’s game frustrated me a bit, especially waking up and seeing the Hawks lost too. Yesterday we had some good discussion on Sherm’s latest rant (most of which I agreed with 100%). Today I want to present some misc. garbage for your reading.

Flash of Genius movie full Day on Fire divx

Must be a glitch on Yahoo — says Gregg gave up a run and Bradley went hitless. Can’t be. ~ billybucks

  • Speaking of the bullpen, it looks like we’ll have a WR in the pen as of today, but Hendry decided to place Wednesday Night Mystery with us and only give the clue that it would NOT be Neal Cotts headed out for some strange reason. My hope is that it’s David Patton, but my guess is that it will be Vizcaino for some reason that will be DFA’d and hopefully traded. I just hope Samardzija’s success last year wasn’t similar to Kevin Hart’s success the first year he was up in the Majors. He was great in 2007, but gawd awful in 2008. Let’s hope the same is not true of Samardzija.
  • Ryan Theriot screwed me last night real good in the beat the streak game where you pick one player each day in a quest to build a hitting streak. I was nervous about playing the fact that he’s been so hot. I tend to pick Cubs each day since I watch them on a day in and day out basis. Today I’m going with Rammy.
  • Explain to me again why it’s scored as an unearned run when the pitcher is the one that commits the error in the inning? I know Bob talked about it in the booth, but I don’t agree. If a pitcher’s error is the reason a run scored, he should pay the penalty for that. He EARNED it.
  • Both AAron Miles (had to type it like that just for fun) and Milton Bradley went hitless. Let the boo birds commence bashing them both. If you’re going to, though, perhaps booing Geo is in order too because he’s sucked as at the plate as well.
  • Maybe I’m just noticing it now, but has Ted Lilly always had the slight pause in his delivery as his twists a little. It almost reminds me of a less exagerated Hideo Nomo. Hey, whatever works for him.

Sorry about the lack of Minor League content over the last day or so (really sorry to sherms bunch especially). Don’t worry, I’ll be back today with some thoughts from last night on the farm. Until then, let’s talk Cubs.

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