When I opened my email yesterday I got a message from our Joe, saying.  Your role?  I always thought I was the smart cute one.  Apparently that doesn’t fly in NC anymore.  So I came up with 3 ideas of roles to play at VFTB.  As only 1 was pornographic, I can share the other 2 with you.

Periodically I’ll write about another team in The MLB… Maybe one the Cubs will be playing, maybe one in our division, but I’m not going to promise that.  I’m going to try to write about a team that catches my eye, it might even be in the American League.  (Don’t worry Sherm it will always relate to the Cubs and college basketball in some way.)

As a 1st time/longtime Cubs fan what interests me is winning. Not the result of winning, but the process of winning.  Because I don’t want to be the Marlins, who buy a World Series for their 22 fans and then sells off the players. I think that is an offense to the sport.  I want to be the Yanks or Red Sox or Braves (or even the White Sox and Philies and Cards) who build good teams that compete every year.  The Cubs spent the 80’s and 90’s trying catch lightening in a 1 year wonder–when they should have built an organization.  That is what made Dusty’s reign so disappointing, he took a good team, got it to overachieve…but never built off of it, never grew it.  And that is why last year was so exciting (and ultimately frustrating), the team took important steps of improvement as the year went along.  So that we had reason for confidence entering the post season. It wasn’t their losing that hurt, it was how they didn’t even show up that stays with me.

So my second topic is going to be: What do the Cubs, as a 2 time playoff team, need to do/look like in order to improve (or where are they regressing). I call it Why We Won/ Why We Lost. So if you look at last nights game, why did we win that game? Because we got 7 good innings from Lilly, because he pitched out of jams? Because of Lee’s defense at 1st? The Theriot-Miles DP? (if Guzman had gotten out of the 8th without giving up a run, that would have been a reason for wining…as Cotts pitiful pitching on Monday–and subsiquant Marmol sighting– was a cause of losing that game.) Why’d we lose? Bradley’s defense. Lilly’s defense. The bottom of the 7th when we had a 8 pitch inning. Not being able to hit David Weathers (I hold a big grudge from when he was a Cub. I was shocked to hear how good his stats were. I feel like if you don’t hit him, you shouldn’t collect your pay check that day.)  My hope is to gain personally broader understanding of what makes teams good, in the regular season and in the playoffs, while hopefully bringing to light things that everyone else isn’t talking about.

We’ll see how that goes.  And thanks as always to Joe.

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