First off, I’m pretty positive that we stunk it up today, but that is not what I mean. After being tabbed the King of Pessimism and then repeatedly taken to task for having negative opinions about certain Cub players, I’ve decided to be nice and think positive!

1. We scored a run today! Yay! That’s better than yesterday!

2. Geovany Soto may only be hitting .103 but that’s more than twice as good as Milkit Badly! Yay, Geo!

3. Derrek Lee is hitting .207, sure, but that’s twice as good as Soto. You go, Derrek! Yay!

4. At least we took one game from the Reds. Yay!

5. Neil Cotts didn’t walk anybody today! Hip hip hooray!

6. Zambrano went seven innings. At least he gave Aaron Heilman a break. Yay!

7. Alfonso Soriano has a ten game hitting streak! (really? yes.) Yay!

There are probably more, but I’m weary from all this giddiness.

News today is that Milkit won’t play until he is fully healthy. If mental health is included in that assessment, well………….I wonder if we could still get Adam Dunn because it might be years.

Overheard in the Cub locker room after the game Wednesday — this quote from Lou Piniella “Let’s not play Milton for a while…he’s slowly approaching a reasonable sample size.” When asked what that meant, he refused to comment, adding only that he “prefers Super Sizing to sample sizing.”  He then farted, giggled and slammed his office door.

Ah, forget it. I go back to my original comment. I’m positive that we stunk it up today. Thankfully, tomorrow is another day.


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