It has been said too many times here that Milkit’s 1 for 19 start is too small a sampling to mean anything. Therefore, by the same “rule,” we have to assume that AAron Miles 2 for 16 falls into the same anomaly category — and give him a pass. For now.

That said, what is the appropriate waiting period before we can call a sampling statistically accurate? Is it, oh, I don’t know, maybe 50 at bats? Is that a reasonable number to wait before passing any kind of judgment on a ballplayer?

If so, well, then Derrek Lee sucks, because he’s hitting .200 after his first 50 at bats. And that is after a poor spring. One homer. 9 batted in. Clogging up that three hole like a chunk of ham in Mama Cass’s windpipe. Or do we have to give him a hundred at bats? Or does it go by number of games played? Let me know, okay?

I don’t know the pitcher’s qualifier, either, but Neil Cott’s five walks and one hit batter in three innings pitched scares me. I think his problem is that he can’t pitch to lefties. But wait, he’s the situational lefty specialist! There’s the rub. He hasn’t been any good since the Sox tossed him aside.

Bright side is that we’re 8 and 4, which is a nice start. Great to see Aramis starting to heat it up — he’s an impact guy in the middle of the lineup when he’s hot — now we need the guys directly before and after him to pick it up, too. Hoffpauir did it tonight and got the job done. I really think that when (if) Milkit Badly comes back — he should hit third with Aramis fourth. Neither Fontenot nor Lee are hitting…so who’s your choice for the five spot? Soto? Not much else to choose from unless Hoffpauir plays first. Thoughts?

I’m liking Heilman — maybe he should be the fifth starter and Marshall should be in the bullpen. See above: Cotts, Neil.

More later. Or not.

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