First Star: K. Fukudome (.425 wpa)

Second Star: C. Duncan (.224 wpa)

Third Star: K. McClellan (.147 wpa)

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  1. Milton Bradley’s ejection was NOT an indication that he’s about to destruct – If you watched the game, Bradley came into it in a key pinch hitting situation. If he walks or hits in that spot, the game probably turns out completely different. He worked the count as he always does, but in the end he got shafted on the third strike call. It was a curveball that crossed the plate inside, despite Molina framing it to the best of his ability. At that point, when you know you’re not staying in the game because of an injury, let the unpire have it and hopefully get the team excited. As soon as the ump made the call, I slapped the couch and was fussing at the TV myself. I’m not one to argue with an umpire or a referee unless I know I’m correct. Bradley knows the strike zone and felt he was right. Props to him for trying to get the team going desite being able to come back out on the field. I don’t worry at all that his “anger issues” are now going to surface.
  2. We’re not going to win with this bullpen – I don’t know what needs to happen, but this pen is not going to get the job done and it needs to be fixed and fixed early. I have no confidence in anyone in the pen except Marmol. This weekend, I’ll probably take a look at some bullpen options, so look for that post on Monday. In the meantime, it’s imperative for the starters to take as much pressure off the pen as possible. I know Marshall and Harden are your fourth and fifth starters, but it would make me a lot happier if all our five starters can start going nine everyday. Obviously I’m being silly, but please please please guys, give us seven. Am I wrong on this? Do you have confidence in anyone in that pen? Really?
  3. Chris Duncan is terrible in the OF

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    – What makes me laugh about watching him in the field is the embarrassment his dad (Dave Duncan) must feel when he makes bad mistakes. I wonder if sometimes he just pulls him aside and says “Son, you hit the ball great, but you suck in the field.” Do you think Tony LaRussa ever gives Dave Duncan crap about it in the dugout or even when they’re out for dinner? Nonetheless, Duncan beat us and now we need to get some revenge. It’s still possible to win this series, but it just got a lot harder.

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