Over the last week, I’ve sat back and read most of the posts and comments.  Chiming in with my usual blather of sensical talk.  Or at least what I perceive to be sensical talk.  I’m beside myself in the daily garble of Chicken Little “the sky is falling” talk. Seven days into the season, and the world is coming to an end.

It appears that this year being calm, cool and collect, is not in the Cub fan’s dictionary.  Raggin’ on D-Lee because he’s hitting under .100, Milton Bradley hurt himself, Geovany has played two games, Aramis has a sore back, Piniella has no idea how to manage.  The list goes on and on.  Seven days, sigh…….I’m not sure I can take six months of this.

In seven games, the are 5-2.  FIVE AND TWO!!!!

And that’s with all of the issues stated above.  Bradley’s out, Geovany is out, D-Lee is hitting (or lack of hitting) like a he’s got a tuna in his hands, the bullpen has been less than spectacular (May I clean those goggles Mr. Gregg?), and yet…….they’re FIVE AND TWO!!!! Wait Until Dark

The Cubs lost a game they should have won, and won a game they should have lost.  By my math that would put their record somewhere around…hmmmm, let me figure this out…….carry the one………FIVE AND TWO!!!!

Serenity now.

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