Peg Connery-Boyd of Hawk’s Nest Publishing, LLC read my last post on this site (Notes From Rehab), and asked if The World’s Greatest Living Cubs Fan (my dad) and I might like to see the “Cubs Coloring and Activity Book”. I told her we’d be happy to take a look at it.

The next morning two copies arrived on my doorstep via Priority Mail.

I was planning to see my dad later that day, so I took one copy along for him.

My dad’s a funny guy. I’ve given him many things that I was sure he would enjoy, like a hat or a shirt of a book, only to hear him say “Yeah, thanks” and set the item aside, never to be seen or touched by him again. This book, however, he grabbed with both hands and immediately started paging through.

The front cover lists crossword puzzles, word searches, connect-the-dots and trivia as included activities in addition to the coloring book aspect. He said he wouldn’t be doing much coloring, but the other activities interested him very much.

The next morning he was filling in the blanks and doing crossword puzzles when his physical therapist, Becky, came by. Turns out that Becky is a Cubs fan, too. She liked the book and asked where she could get one. I did some research and found that they are available on Amazon, costing about $9 or $10 new and $4 or $5 used. (Similar works are also available in Boston Red Sox, NY Mets and NY Yankees versions.)

Being a retired school teacher, my dad found a typo (as I knew he would), a 2008 Cubs roster listed as “effective November 1, 2009” (vs 2008). That’s the only mistake either of us have found in the book, so far.

As I paged through my copy, I was reminded of the place mats in restaurants featuring word games, crossword puzzles, and other activities.

I enjoyed doing the crossword puzzles and filling in the blanks. I connected the dots to create Cubs icons and unscrambled letters to reveal Cubs words or phrases.

I especially enjoyed the three “You Make the Call” situations in which I played the role of umpire making the call in unusual situations. I got one out of three right.

I matched Cubs players with their nicknames and with their countries of origin.

And I cannot tell a lie: I did color in the full page “Wrigley Field Home Of Chicago Cubs” drawing.

It’s nice that the answers and solutions to all activities are compiled on the back pages of the book. Nothin’ like a cheat sheet I always say.

My dad and I don’t always agree on things, but we agree on this: the “Cubs Coloring And Activity Book” gets two thumbs up from us.Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen full

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