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Meet your 2009 Cubs

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

I am going to use just the spring training stats to project the team when camp breaks. This is just for fun…but you must admit that it would be interesting to see what would happen if that was how the team was chosen. Those who do best in the spring — make the team out of camp. Like high school basketball tryouts. Of course, I know that the “big money” guys are just taking their time and stretching it out — we all know these guys can turn it on whenever they have to. (Except the playoffs, but that’s another story altogether, folks.) They will all be ready when the season starts and we’ll never see these hardworking, fresh young players again. Until we trade them to the Orioles when they’re out of options. But that’s a story for another day, too.) Anyway…

At first base, just off a fine spring which saw him hit .311 with 2 homers and a team leading 10 rbi’s would be Micah Hoffpauir. His back up at first — Jake Fox with his two homers, six rbi’s and .368 obp. DLee (who grounded into his first spring DP today) would start the year in Iowa thanks to his woeful spring — .200 with no homers and a paltry 2 runs batted in.

At second base, the “en fuego” Mike Fontenot. Team┬ásecond .421 average (for regulars), 2 dingers and 8 knocked in. No errors all spring. Miles and his .267 can stay at back up second and short.

Shortstop is Theriot. Who else would it be? Hitting .444 with an obp of .469. His fielding pct. of .897 is frightening, but the job is his to bobble.

Third base is Ramirez, even though his spring has been weak. Rivas is hitting .240 and has more errors than rbi’s.

Left fielder? Well, Doug Deeds, of course. Solid spring, .281 average and .314 obp. Has played flawless LF and knocked in 5. Taguchi has 7 ribbies and a .391 obp, but his average at .222 is underwhelming. Soriano and his .200 average, .273 obp and 2 homer/3rbi line? Rooming with DLee in Iowa.

CF — Not close. Sam Fuld gets the nod. .286 average, .375 obp and two homers. No errors. One assist. Pick the backup between Gathright (.273 average and .360 obp with two steals in three attempts) Johnson (.242 average and .263 obp and a fairly weak blog) or Fukudome, the Japanese Dreidle.

Right Field goes to Milkit Badly, by default, because he’s done fair since returning from his game one owie and because Hoffpauir is playing first.

Backup catcher — hard to call. Hill at .364 average and .417 obp plus 4 rbi’s. Bako and his sizzling .167 average and .250 obp without an rbi. I’ll take Hill. By the slimmest of margins.

So here it is:

Theriot SS

Fontenot 2B

Ramirez 3B

Hoffpauir 1B

Bradley RF

Soto C

Deeds LF

Fuld CF


I know it’s insane, but hey, it’s been a slow news day. Thought?

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You Be Lou: Closer

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

Well, since things are kinda slow around here (and since Ginger Rush brought it up in the previous post Six Reasons Why ) let’s have another You Be Lou.

This time, the closer. What’s your preference? Marmol? Gregg? Someone else? State your case and again I’ll keep tabs and report back once the season starts and/or an official announcement has been made.

Meantime, have a nice weekend. :-)

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You Be Lou: Fifth Starter

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

As long as sherm and Joe were discussing pitching earlier in the week, let’s hear from you. If you were Lou, who would you cast as your starting rotation? Specifically, your fifth starter since the rest are pretty well set.

I’ll keep tabs on the responses and later on when/if an “official” announcement comes out I’ll sprinkle some love around for those who came the closest. (And, we’ll do some other “You Be Lou”s as the spring/summer progresses.)

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10 Best FA: You Want Any of 'em?

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Spring Training ’09 had a post the other day listing the 10 best available free agents:

1. Odalis Perez, SP. Perez is projected for a 4.44 ERA in 117 innings pitched. He beat that innings total in each of the last two seasons. One negative event not seen in the numbers was Perez’s spring holdout after he became unhappy with his $850K minor league deal with Washington. It seems that he’ll take a similar amount but wants a guaranteed deal. Perez said he has nine or ten interested teams.
2. Pedro Martinez, SP. Martinez and Perez are in a similar boat, auditioning in the WBC and hoping for guaranteed contracts. Pedro is projected for a 4.31 ERA in 110 innings and has reportedly looked good this spring. We haven’t heard much on him lately, aside from the Cardinals mulling him as a closer option.
3. Jim Edmonds, OF. Edmonds drops a few spots on the list given uncertainty over whether he wants to play in 2009. His center field glove is a minus, partially because he plays too shallow. But a projected batting line of .265/.363/.491 is nothing to sneeze at.
4. Ivan Rodriguez, C. PECOTA has Pudge at .263/.301/.364 in ’09, but simply the act of catching capably gives him value.
5. Ray Durham, 2B. Durham is projected for a .272/.360/.413 line, though he won’t help much defensively. He turned down a minor league offer from the Nationals.
6. Mark Grudzielanek, 2B. PECOTA does not like Grudzielanek, but perhaps he can beat their projected .320 OBP. Some have speculated he could help the Yankees.
7. Ben Sheets, SP. Sheets is unlikely to sign until after the June draft, since he’s a Type A free agent. 50 innings of his projected 3.77 ERA would give a small boost, so he’ll be a hot commodity if rehab from a torn flexor tendon in his elbow goes well.
8. Paul Byrd, SP Pale Rider film . Byrd is projected at a 5.06 ERA, but maybe the extra half-season of rest will allow him to beat that. He’d like to join a contending team at midseason, perhaps the Braves, Rays, or Marlins if the need exists.
9. Will Ohman, RP. Ohman’s the best available lefty, but he’s not drawing the interest from contenders he craves. He probably hopes to at least match Dennys Reyes’ two-year, $3MM deal.
10. Joe Beimel, RP. PECOTA sees Beimel slipping to a 4.09 ERA in 48 innings. He’s in the same boat as Ohman. ~ Source

So I ask you….do you want any of these guys? Can they help us? I would argue that someone like Ohman might be a good idea since the only lefty we’ve really got is Neal Cotts, and he spent time in AAA last year.

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Play Index Stat of the Day: 250+ K's and Less than 10 Wins

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

As always, highlight next to the A: to reveal the answer

Q: Surveillance divx Who is the only pitcher in ML history to amass a season with 250+ K’s yet fail to reach double digit wins?


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Nolan Ryan (1987) (270 K’s & 8-16 record)

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