“The Cubs have five relievers still in camp battling for two spots. The list includes Chad Gaudin, Angel Guzman, Jeff Samardzija, David Patton and Chad Fox. Piniella said he hopes to finalize that decision before the team breaks camp on Thursday.” Source

I guess the way you end a spring where there has not been much to talk about, is to come down to a battle for the bottom 2 relievers.  Patton is 25, has pitched well, but never above class A. Chad Fox is uninspiring to me, maybe as a lefty I’d find value there, but do we really need a one or two out righty? Guzman and Gaudin have major league arms, but have really struggled. And The Golden boy.

If I am choosing, I run with Guzman and Gaudin. I know they have maybe not earned it this spring, but it would be a shame to lose Guzman without seeing what he can do, and Gaudin can be an inning eater saving the bullpen during bad starts or Rich Harden 5 inning outtings. Chad Fox will be available in June, July, August… Patton as a Rule 5 would have to be returned unless something can be worked out. I don’t think you spend to much time worrying about losing a 25 year-old Class A pitcher.

About the Shark, if he’s meant for deeper water then he should start out as a starter in AAA.  It is much easier to bring him up to fill a hole later than to stretch him out if needed. The only caveat to that is if The Shark makes the team he is not a 5th inning pitcher, but standing next to Marmol in the 7th or 8th putting out fires.  So I guess I am reneging here.  Our bullpen with The Smear is much better than with any 2 or 3 of the other guys.  So I go, Shark and Gaudin.  That’s it. That’s my choice.Pursuit to Algiers hd

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