There are many moments and things that typify cubdom in my world. Sometimes they come to mind and I think “That could only happen to the Cubs.” This week I was driving in my car and got a chuckle out of this one. I thought I might kill some weekend time to throw this at you. You might take a moment to add your definitive moments of Cubdom in the comments.

We all remember 2004. It was the year following the Bartman collapse. The Cubs went out and got Greg Maddux back and were picked by most to win the National League Pennant and go to the World Series. The Cubs choked. They began to blame the play-by-play team of Steve Stone and Chip Caray. This year would be the duo’s final year in Chicago.

Players began to rip Caray and Stone for being critical of the team. Kent Mercker called the broadcast booth during a game to complain that the team spoke too highly of Roy Oswalt. Moises Alou wanted Caray and Stone banned from the team’s charter flights. When Todd Walker was asked about the controversy he mentioned that the home town announcing team usually cheers for the home team and does stuff like give them fun nicknames.

For the remainder of the year Walker would be heralded by Caray and Stone as either the “Louisiana Lumberjack” or the “Louisiana Larruper.” As in “Here comes the Louisiana Larruper to the plate.”

I did not know (although I could have guessed by context) so here it is:  “Larrup”- (Noun) “a blow, especially one delivered with a lot of force.”

I miss Stoney.

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