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March 7, 2009

An asinine weekend time killer

Filed under: General — Rob Bukowski @ 10:47 pm

There are many moments and things that typify cubdom in my world. Sometimes they come to mind and I think “That could only happen to the Cubs.” This week I was driving in my car and got a chuckle out of this one. I thought I might kill some weekend time to throw this at you. You might take a moment to add your definitive moments of Cubdom in the comments.

We all remember 2004. It was the year following the Bartman collapse. The Cubs went out and got Greg Maddux back and were picked by most to win the National League Pennant and go to the World Series. The Cubs choked. They began to blame the play-by-play team of Steve Stone and Chip Caray. This year would be the duo’s final year in Chicago.

Players began to rip Caray and Stone for being critical of the team. Kent Mercker called the broadcast booth during a game to complain that the team spoke too highly of Roy Oswalt. Moises Alou wanted Caray and Stone banned from the team’s charter flights. When Todd Walker was asked about the controversy he mentioned that the home town announcing team usually cheers for the home team and does stuff like give them fun nicknames.

For the remainder of the year Walker would be heralded by Caray and Stone as either the “Louisiana Lumberjack” or the “Louisiana Larruper.” As in “Here comes the Louisiana Larruper to the plate.”

I did not know (although I could have guessed by context) so here it is:  “Larrup”- (Noun) “a blow, especially one delivered with a lot of force.”

I miss Stoney.

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  • Ace

    Stone was the best when he was with the Cubs, but man… since he left, he’s been kind of a douche.

  • Doc Raker

    Steve Stone is one of the best color announcers in the game, the guy is like a witch, he can predict things because he understands the strengths and weakness’s within each pitcher hitter situation. Len and Bob are nice enough guys but there are so generic compared to Stoner and Chip. Len and Bob are more interested in the next Budapolooza then the scouting report of the guy warming up in the bullpen.

    True story. Albert Pujols is up to bat early in his rookie year. One of our fastball pitchers is pitching, maybe Wood maybe Farnsworth. Pujols has 2 strikes on him. Stone says, “One more face high fastball and this at bat is over.” Well a face high fastball was delivered and Pujols hit it down the right field line for a double. Stoner says, “This guy must be a special hitter because you just aren’t suppose to hit this pitch. A perfectly executed high fastball in the high 90’s and he gets the barrel of the bat out to hit it down the line, watch out for this guy.” Profetic, I think so.

    Len and Bobs call would have been, “Pujols doubles into the right field corner and don’t miss the Budapoolooza at Harry Carey’s this Saturday”

    Don Sutton- Nationals & Mike Krukow- Giants are also great announcers. I will watch a Nationals game or Giants game simply because Kru and Sut are so good. It depresses me to here Stoner doing White Sox games but i will watch because of him.

    And while I am on the subject if the Cubs make the playoffs and that NBA hack Hubie Brown and marble mouth Ron Darling do the Cubs series again for the third year in a row I am going to throw my TV into Tony Gwynns buffett. I will just tune into Pat and Ron on the radio.

  • Matt Jacobs

    First, I don’t think Bartman should ever be mentioned ever on a Cubs blog. He had nothing to do with the meltdown. I’m petitioning that Joe add that rule into the VFTB Commandments.

    Thou shall not ever use the name Bartman on these pages.

    Second, Chip Caray was a terrible announcer. I don’t know how anyone can think highly of a guy that had to play second fiddle in his own Father’s broadcast booth. That says alot about his ability. Although, I always thought Harry was over rated too.

    I like Len and Bob. Bob isn’t the most insightful, but most of the time he gets the call right too. Everyone just keeps putting Stone on a pedestal that he really doesn’t belong on.

  • Scott

    I think Bukowski’s comments tell us a lot about how much the team has progressed in the last 5 years. We choked like Dr Heimlich’s first experimental patient against the Dodgers, that much is beyond dispute; but you didn’t hear the team trying to put blame on everyone else but themselves after the series was over. I hope that means that they really come out with a fire under their butts this year.

    I still do miss the days of Stoney – I think Len’s passable (quite like Chip Caray was) and Bob’s great – maybe WGN/Comcast should just spring for a Stoney/Brenly duo. I don’t think I would be able to stop laughing until the 7th inning stretch.

  • rob

    I like Len and Bob. I just miss Stone. Chip was OK but I think Len is much better. I dont miss Chip. He is more annoying now that he is gone.
    And I do not blame Bartman at all…OK maybe a tiny bit. However, I just use that as a title because everyone will know by the name what I’m referring to. I could call it the Moises overreacts, Prior melts down, Gonzalez makes an unforgivable error, Remlinger and Farnsworth blow, Kid K falls behind, Dusty leaves him in too long with a fresh Clement in the bullpen collapse…it just seems too long in my opinion.

  • Matt Jacobs

    Ah, but that title is right on!

  • Mastrick

    I agree totally with Matt. What happened in 2003 was more because of Moises Alou (he who other players would never high-five) pitching a hissy-fit in left field when he should have just put his (large) head down and trotted back to left field. I have no issues with Steve Bartman, if I ever met him I’d buy him a drink, he is or was a loyal Cubs fan.

  • Matt Jacobs

    Not sure he was loyal (I met him a few weeks prior to the “incident”). But that’s niether here not there.

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