As I stepped outside this morning and was hit in the face with almost warm weather, my nostrils got a quick wiff of what’s just around the corner.  A rotting pumpkin on my neighbor’s stoop.  Seriously. 

But I digress, last night I sat and watched about three full innings of baseball.  I’m not saying it was Cubs or Saox baseball because after about that inning, I don’t have any idea who the heck most of the guys are on the field.  For all I know it’s the local pub sponsored softball team.  I basically listened to the annual Len and Bob interview of Lou, and the “State of the Cubs.” It’s the one reason I like Lou.  He doesn’t mince words. He told us the good, the bad, you take them both and there you have.  The facts of life.  Lou is our Ms. Garrett.  That’s right, I’m comparing him to Charlotte Rae.  Laugh now, but you know you see a resemblance. 

He keeps the “kids” in line, tells it how it is, the good side of the team, and the minuses.  And trust me kid-os, there are more minuses this year than last.  As Lou put it, the team that won the Central Division had a 20% turnover.  That’s some scary stuff. 

Speaking of scary, and I don’t mean a Milton Bradley meltdown, check out this abomination of a bullpen. The void between a three inning Zambrano catastrophe and trying to get to Marmol or Gregg, is wider than Louie Anderson’s waistline. Where’s the beef? It certainly isn’t hanging out down the third base line this year.

Then we have that Centerfield mess. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Fukudome is going to make a miraculous turnaround.  That’s about as likely as you finding me at Britney Spears concert, who by the way I hear is looking spectacular.  Not that I would know. Do us a favor and just play Reed “Daughtry” Johnson. I like my outfielders scrappy. And not Theriot scrappy. Although, we’ve got a short dude thing going on this year don’t we?

Honestly, we’re a Bradley hat throwing, Big Z forearm tightening, Soraino calve cramp away from blowing this thing.  I can feel it.  Just you wait.

Then again, I’ve been wrong before.  Just not when it comes to the Cubs.

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