So I’m Liz, another of the new bloggers here. By way of introduction I will tell you that I’m a transplant, only living in the Chicago area since 2001. But, I’m no less of a Cubs fan for it, and have been a student of the game since about age 8 when my dad took me to my first game at Yankee Stadium. My dad was a die-hard Mets fan, but he also had a temper similar to Lou Pinella’s back in the day and the 2-hour straight-shot into the Bronx was a much nicer drive for him than “F**^%$ Flushing” (his description, not mine. Personally I preferred Shea but I wasn’t doing the driving!) So, I saw a lot more of Lou and his colleagues than I did of Keith Hernandez and that cast of lovable losers.

I’m not heavy into stats and will likely contribute more of the human interest, softer-side topics, which might annoy some of you but may encourage others. Time will tell. Since I continue to be a student of the game, I will be much more interested in hearing your opinions than in giving my own, though I will always have one.

On that note, let’s talk a little bit about the upcoming World Baseball Classic. For anyone who may also be playing student today, it starts on Thursday (5th) and continues through the 23rd, double-elimination in four brackets starting in various locations around the world then moving to the US for later rounds/finals. Notable Cubs who will be playing in the tournament are Lilly (USA), Fukudome (Japan), Soto (Puerto Rico) and the on-again off-again now-this-morning-on-again Marmol (Dominican Republic).

How do you feel about the World Baseball Classic? Good thing? Bad thing? Good thing with bad timing? Do you even care one way or the other? Do you worry that someone, say, Geovany Soto heaven forbid, will come back injured? (You will learn over the course of the season that he is my favorite Cub.)

Let’s hear your thoughts!

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Elizabeth Pearson stumbled upon VFTB around 2006, and enjoys encouraging conversation among the wide variety of readers brought together by their love of the Cubs. She’s married, has a Cub-loving pug named Phinneaus, and enjoys biking, hiking, cooking and gardening. She calls Chesterton, Indiana home and hopes to one day retire on Mackinac Island. Connect with Lizzie via email or Instagram.