Greetings to all you loyal readers of VFTB – I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I’m Sherm, and I’m one of the new bloggers here. Rather than tell you all about me at one time, I’ll delight you with tidbits over time. Perhaps years. Or longer. We’ll see.

For the time being, suffice to say that I am a big Cub fan – a prerequisite for blogging here, of course, and I have the tattoo to prove it. Same tattoo that keeps me from being able to go undercover at other team’s fantasy camps. Didn’t think that one through, apparently.

I hope that you will all enjoy the words I post here and have comments galore. Or hate my words. And have comments galore. Nah…I don’t really care. I like my words. That’s all that matters. Not really. I care what you think. All of you. Truly. (Might as well be nice on the first day.)

My first real baseball topic of my first VFTB blog is the middle infield, which I like to call “The Lollipop Guild.” The real battle between the three little Cajuns is to determine which one gets to sing the song to Dorothy. Between the three, Theriot, Fontenot and Miles…it’s a serviceable enough middle infield. Serviceable being the operative word. None of them are that good. None of them are that bad. Theriot has earned shortstop for the time being, which only means that we don’t have anyone better on the horizon. I would still prefer to see him play second base everyday. It hurts watching him throw the ball across the diamond. (No, Ryan, the pitcher is not the cutoff man.) Fontenot, who I really like, and would love to see with more at bats…just isn’t that good a second baseman. He’s fine if you hit the ball right at him. His range is suspect, and he always plays too low. Milot? He’s got better range than Fontenot, but has some trouble with balls hit right at him. I don’t care how you slice it…neither is as good at the position as Mark DeRosa was. Period. DeRosa had the bad sense to bat right handed, though, and therefore had to go. And none of them can play third base if (dare I say “when?”) Ramirez needs some days off for whatever reason.

I think Milot (yes, I know it’s Miles, but I like the silent T’s that the other guys have so I thought I’d give him one, too. Just be glad I don’t type Soriano, Soto and Zambrano all year. This, like all things, will pass.) Anyway, I think Milot is going to be the semi-super infield sub. Kind of like Ronny Cedeno, but hopefully without the low IQ. I think Fontenot wins second base – with his bat – and will hit twenty homers this year (helping fill the DeRosa Homer Void.) I think Theriot gets the lion’s share of shortstop starts and will spend most of his time batting second. I’d rather see DLee in the two hole, but that’s another blog entirely. Not today. Aaron Miles (happy?) is an upgrade over Cedeno and I think that will show up early and often this season.

Anyway – the Cubs are playing the Brewers right now…I won’t give away what is happening. Let someone else talk about that. I really just wanted to say hello, to introduce myself and talk a little bit about the Lilliputian’s, or Lollipop Guild, or whatever they are. Maybe they should bat 1,2,3 and all crouch way down. Give them fractions for their jerseys.

Welcome to Sherm’s World.

More later. Or not.

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