Cubs chairman, Crane Kenney, appeared on the Waddle & Silvy show yesterday to talk Cubs. Here were the highlights from the show:

A Haunting in Connecticut move
  • The next step in the ownership process is to negotiate final terms with the Ricketts family to finish a deal for the sale of the team. The other bidders are in waiting and if a deal can’t be done with the Ricketts, they’ll move down the list.
  • The number of bidders and the bankruptcy of the Tribune Company slowed the process down significantly.
  • The Ricketts family comes to the table with no agenda other than to own the team for a long time and build a winner. They look at the stadium as a cathedral and want to make sure it stays special.
  • If a Peavy deal were to happen, it would have to have the stamp of approval, from a payroll standpoint, from the new owner.
  • None of the front office has discussed with the new owner if they’ll be staying around. My guess is that they will be staying. Damien: Omen II move
  • The Cubs would love to get on with Wrigley 2014, which is a plan to continue to improve the ballpark and the area surrounding it.
  • The move to bring in the priest was a dumb decision by Kenny. He takes the heat for that one.
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