Steve Stone made an appearance yesterday on 670 AM with Zach Zaidman to talk Cubs. Here were the highlights:

  • Ricketts is best thing for the Cubs because of the fact that the family is the biggest Cub fans of the three final bidders. They understand the Cubs and their history as well as their brand.
  • He believes the first order of business will be to go after Peavy now that the new owner will be able to give an OK on the cost.
  • Should win the division by double digits and should have more balance than last year.
  • Thought they should save some money for mid-season acquisitions.
  • The only time a Corporation has won the World Series was when the Angels won it and they were in the process of selling the team from Disney to Arte Moreno
  • Pitfalls for the new owner – Inheriting lots of back loaded contracts and the fans can’t be asked to pay the freight for that. New owners have to be creative in generating revenue outside the walls to keep costs down for fans.
  • Wrigley Field is going to be renovated in stages instead of one larger renovation. Doing it all at once would put the Cubs away for more than an year and that would be a tough loss of revenue.
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