After much deliberation, and a brief stint over at the Cub Reporter, I’m pleased to announce that we’re back and writing about the Cubs her at VFTB. Gone is MVN and the new platform. We’re going retro and reverting back to the old site layout. It’s what we’ve grown up with and it’s so hard to change. That being said, I wanted to let you know some of the things you’ll see come out of my keyboard as we head into the season.

  • Nowhere hd Podcast Breakdowns Ransom ipod – I am a huge podcast listener. Over the course of the season, I’ll bring you some interesting notes from the shows I listen to. If you know of any good ones, be sure to pass those on.
  • Increased Minor League Coverage – During the season, it’s my hope to provide a daily organizational breakdown that includes the player tracker for minor league talent, results from the previous day, etc.
  • Commentary on thoughts from the web – There are a lot of good writers on the web these days, including bloggers that have great (and not so great) things to say. I’d like to comment on their thoughts and post my responses as I see something worthy.
  • Official Cub Organization Media Releases – As they come into my e-mail box, I’ll be posting them for you in an effort to keep us as up to date as possible about news affecting not only the big league team, but the minor league as well.

It’s good to be back. Feel free to leave us some welcome back love.

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